Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Poetry for thought

Title: Imagination

Imagination doesn't suffice on a day like today,
Today should be spent falling asleep under trees,
With your hand in my hair,
Collecting smiles, watching the colour Red
Dancing in your eyes.

With every gaze, I fall apart,
And with every smile,
You put me back together,
Give me all those smiles,
I'll bottle them up and keep them for cold nights.

On days like today, imagination doesn’t suffice,
I close my eyes and I can feel your breath at my neck,
But you aren’t here and I am not there,
But imagination… is a bitch, makes you want it
Right now. Right here.

On a day like today, you should be here,
Distracting me, teasing me,
Leaving me struggling for air,
Did I mention?
Imagination doesn’t suffice on a day like today.

I am left wondering if I would forget how you smile,
And I am being greedy with memories,
Trying to always remember,
Replaying them over and over and over….
Because, you know, imagination doesn’t suffice,

9 January, 2018

Poetry for thought

Title: Good Morning

Wake up, lover.
Look, the sun is streaming in,
Drawing patterns on your skin,
Warming corners under my fingers.

While I move the covers away from you,
Here take my naked chest for warmth.
Stay warm, lover,
I am just getting started.

Your naked stomach,
Against my naked chest,
Your hand in my hair,
Are you falling asleep again?

That’s alright, lover,
Stay warm,
While my fingers find your soft nipple,
Don’t open your eyes yet.

This half asleep, half awake
Moment is my favourite,
While I part your legs slowly,
Stay warm, lover.

I am just getting started,
Your warm skin against my lips,
At the curve of your waist,
Making my body warmer.

I want to stay slow,
Keep you drowsy,
But I am thirsty,
And this proximity is driving me insane.

I take you into my mouth,
Now, your eyes wide open,
Tug at my hair harder, lover,
Show me where to go.

Are you awake?
Are you warm?
I am just getting started.

21 December, 2017

Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Poetry for thought

Title: Pictures

I want to send you pictures,
Disconnecting in this connected world is hard.
I want to send you pictures.

But will these pictures ever tell you those thousand words they are supposed to?
Proverbs are being questioned now.

Let's not digress.
I want to send you pictures,
Of my day, of my face, of my hips, of my skin.

And you ask me for them,
For the fleeting moments in my day.
I willingly submit to your demands.

But will these pictures ever tell you those thousand words they are supposed to?

Well, they don't tell you things like -
The flowers are blooming here and you should touch them.
The flowers are just background fillers in the picture I send you.
But you should be here looking at them,
And me looking at you.

I still want to send you pictures,
Maybe some day
The words will come back,
And pictures will scream,
And they will tell stories.

And I will be listening to you
Reliving those pictures.

Friday, 24 November 2017

Poetry for thought

Title: Lurking

You are lurking in my mind.

I should be thankful that
you are not lurking in my bed.

Deep, deep sadness.

It grips me in those moments
that you lurk into my mind.

I am so very miserable.

Your memories are making ripples
in oceans that are already wild.

Miserable desires.

Friday, 10 November 2017

Poetry for thought

Title: Of Lovers.

I miss that weight of another person on me.
When they’re kissing me, with hands searching.
With hands desperate, but mouths gentle.

Do you remember that?
That feeling of carrying another person’s weight?
Those soft creaks and moans from your body?

I can’t breathe suddenly, but you cant stop kissing either.
I miss it; the warmth, the sweat, the search.
Slowly the weight becomes nothing.

All we have left is instinct.
And with it, we go places and take holidays in our minds.
In our bodies. In our dreams after.

I really miss that instinct to spread my legs at their will.
Their slow soft kisses, leading me, teasing me.
Their rushed breaths, almost tearing my skin.

I miss that weight of another person on me.
Around me, spinning legs like they are vines.
Humming lullabies and I love yous.

I miss them all.
Desitined to dream of them all.
And of all those to come.

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Poetry for thought

Title: Reality

I am feeling sexual today,
Also angry,
Also sad,
And mostly confused.
I want to smell your sweat,
Dripping off my forehead,
While I find that spot
Under your left breast.                           

I want to unravel this,
Erase all memory of us,
While I slowly break down
Into this pool of angry mess.
Tears well up,
Crawl through my fingertips,
While I try to find a breath
And fail.

The imagination of your left breast,

Thoughts of our tangled feet,
While I slowly wipe away the reality
Off my forehead…
Which is real?

The anger? The tears?
The sweat that appears suddenly
On my palms,
Which is real?

I hold my face in my hands,
Not just hold, but grip,
Which is real?
And I try to grab the imagination
To blend it with this sad and angry reality.

Forms merge, order becomes chaos,
Chaos becomes breathing,
Is it me? Is it you?
Chaos, calm,
Earth shattering,
And then.
The shush.

Flashes of my hands shaking,
My lips searching,
My anger brewing,
Eyes closing, sunlight burning,
Moonlight calming.

Flashes, flashes,
Lines blur,
In. out. In. out.

Stay still, maybe now we’ll know
Which is real.

Thursday, 15 December 2016

2016 rant

Words are shouting, poems are whispering in my ear and stories are waiting to be told, impatiently.
So here I am just trying to do a traditional blog post after a long time, maybe it is just a rant as well.

Well, considering it is the end of 2016, let’s talk about the year that went by, shall we?

What ended and started as a tough year, has now come to a sort of neutral space. My heart and brain was all over the place, last week too! Love found, love lost, new discoveries have happened, which is a good thing, one year is a long time no? some changes are welcome, some not so much..

Though I am hopeful for the next year, as I was for this year.

One thing that I really want to work on is cutting people off or finding better boundaries for people. Let’s face it, I am too nice, I don’t say goodbyes well and that brings a whole lot of other drama that I don’t need. So, cut off when needed and draw lines when needed and stick to them! We all have too much going on and we need to recognize that someone is negative and we need to say goodbye. It is going to hurt, confuse and leave you lonely, but but but but… it will also give you peace and allow you to find that positivity is goes missing along the way.

I really really want to start focusing on music. In whatever way, go to more gigs, discover more music, hang out with musicians and whatever else I can do to stay connected!

Definitely MORE WRITING!! I am going to write more, this is the most important thing right now!

For now this rant ends…. But I want to hear from you!

What did you learn? Or unlearn? Tell me your story? :)