Saturday, 31 March 2007

Thoughts during single life!

"Don't you have a boyfriend?" is an usual question I hear from people I just met or people who I've not seen for years. My answer is usually "No, i don't" followed by a very long session of mumbles!
And the people who asked the question, rush into the next one--"Why don't you?". Again the answer "I've had enough!", is followed by mumbles, curses and some facial expressions and hand gestures. OK. Now why is it that these people end up with a surprised look or a grin which says-- I know u are lying?? Is it a big mistake to be single ((and happy))???

Yes, I've had enough of men, for now. For now. I'm enjoying this life. Men sometimes are just the answer, and I have many in my life to answer my unlimited questions. So I don't see requirement of an official man. I don't need him now. I don't think i will for a while. Being tossed around, lied to, cheated on, betrayal- these have, somehow been the constant happenings of my love life. Sometimes I feel like I must turn into a homosexual and forget about all the mess! A woman somehow might complete me. Be my better half. It is possible. Women are easier to handle. We, women share a bond that is very, very, very strong-regardless of being homosexual or not.
So why can't I accept the choice? I don't know!
I guess its not easy for a straight woman to just turn around one day and say "hey man, you just lost a woman to another one!!" ((wow! i figured out the secret!! duh!!))

No matter what men have done to me, I still like them! Maybe even, love a few of them! So I don't want to ignore them completely! So the new choice is on the table. Bisexuality. Women and men. What a fantastic combination! But the theory of why I must, absolutely, confidently, consider it is still, in the process of being realised.

While I try to theorize my views on homosexuality, bisexuality and the like, let me tell you one thing- I am single. I am proud of it. I'm waiting for it all to fall into place. Until then, I'm a nomad! So, World here I come---"chaaaaaaarge!!" ((loud trumpet sounds!!!!))

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