Wednesday, 28 March 2007

Poetry for thought

Under the black sky and blue moon,
The thundering sea crashes unto the shore.
Angry waves i see,
Lightening in the sky.
Lovers in a shack by the sea,
Trying to avoid the strong breeze.
I watch them, entwined together,
Caressing each other,under the dangerous sky.
Under a single blanket,
On a single chair.
The ambience thickens,feels like a storm is coming,
A strong wind blows the blanket away.
The shore has almost disappeared,
He pulls the blanket from the wind's grip.
He holds her tight,
They could be dragged into the sea.
Yet, they stay there,
In each other's arms.
The water's near them now,
I reach out, as if to pull them away.
I'm too far, too far,
Yet i do nothing, i stay and watch.
They smile and watch the havoc around,
Then into each others eyes, with that calm smile.
I wonder why, why are they risking their lives,
Why don't they walk away, when they can??
Suddenly, i feel a pull on my sleeve,
I turn around to find Her there.
I pull her close, and point at those brave lovers,
I could feel Her heart beat faster.
We stood there and watched,
Wondering about the fate of the lovers.
I look up at the sky and then at the sea,
Its calmer now,no anger in them.
The blue moon shone brighter,
And lit up the beach.
Normality took over, I smiled and
Kissed Her neck, She closed Her eyes.
We looked in their direction,
And they were gone.
Only the blanket remained,
Printed with the shapes of their bodies.
Their smell, their heartbeats,
I smiled again, and held Her close.
We watched the blue moon take over the sky,
And walked back to reality.

6 FEB 07

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Hi! Good poetry..