Friday, 6 April 2007

Dreams and Thoughts

Dreams can the the most random and unusual type of expression for the sub conscious self.
It says a lot about what your inner thoughts are about the normal day to day routines. I love dreams. It gives a new perspective to life. I really do believe that. It can give you strength or break your spirit. Its all in the way you perceive it. After all the research, dreams are involuntary and have parts of the daily routines in them. And can be a prophet as well.

Keeping that in mind, I'm going to talk about a dream. ((Of course, I dreamt it!))

I've been around a four-year old girl and her mother for the past few days. And looking at them, I can't wait to be a mother. Motherhood is the most joyful role we play in this world.

"All the world's a stage, And all the men and women merely players: They have their exists and entrances; And one man plays many parts" ((Shakespeare))

So here I am thinking of how long the wait is going to be, and I close my eyes, slowly slipping into Sandman's world. And I dream. Of all things possible. Ice cream, chocolates, school, college, work, home, birds, Shakespeare. And then the ultimate dream of all- Pregnancy. I was pregnant. Woke up stunned! For one it felt real, so my hand, involuntarily was on my not-pregnant-stomach! My eyes still tired from the impact of the dream, stayed close. I calmed down, realizing it was a dream. Only a dream. A surge of calm went through my body. My hand still resting on my stomach and my eyes closed, I drifted into thoughts of many questions- What if I was, in reality pregnant, at 18?????? What would I do????

Abortion? Yes. It is an option. It is my first baby, and the only thing to do would be abortion. The thought itself was painful. Tears streamed down. And I stayed in bed for longer than planned. Crying for a baby I'm not carrying. The thought of an unborn child taunted my every senses.

After the tears swept through my face, I got out of my bed and followed my daily routine.

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MnM4Life said...

I also wondererd
why do I dream?

i heard a prophet
who said its just me

talking to my self
while im alseep

but since i have no body
i can travel to where ever I please

Where I can go meet and speak
to whoever i need

jump from one place
to another with ease

and here i fight my battles
with my enemies

and think about all the things
i couldve done if i was really free

some lessons i could learn
if i could only remember them

once i wake up
from one dream

into another one
and into another one

till i go back to slumber
when the sun

sets in the west
and rises in the east

will i ever see
the day when

the love that comes in my dreams
will ever see the light of reality?