Thursday, 19 April 2007

Experience The Rain

Ok. Its been so long since I blogged. ((Considering my posts were very regular, with day to day updates)). I actually miss this, typing the most random words, knowing I'm not going to win the "award for the Best Blog" and words which only a hand full care enough to read. Yet, its still something I enjoy to an extent. Its nice to be lost in cyber space! Rather than in real life!

So, how has everyone been? Good? Health's good? Did you guys enjoy the rain?? I did!
I stood under the mad shower on Friday, for an hour. An hour of perfection! This fever I have come down with is the most pleasurable sickness!! This nose block, the throat which has gone from worse to WORST, is actually delightful! OK the throat problem has been lingering around for months now, so that is the only real pain I feel!

Anyway, yes I am OBSESSED with rain!

That Friday was the most emotional I have got with Mother Rain. I cried, tears of joy! Then tears of pain, for the comfort She gave me. Like a mother holding her baby in her arms, Mother Rain held me. In all the times that I have stood under the protection of the dark skies, this was the most over whelming. Life has become so hard now. No, no, nothing to worry. Just emotionally. And yes some parts of life are upside down. But nothing like being in the protective arms of Mother Rain to make you feel better.

It is the best form of therapy, I believe. Try it my darlings, for it will be the most blissful experience. Yes, Shar-Bear, She is an experience!!!!

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