Friday, 13 April 2007

Rain. Her music. Her love. Her pain. The life. The joy. The dreams. The Drops.

Rain. It finally rained. The moments were like heaven. The smell of the earth mixed with the smell of jasmine flowers.
I sat at home, by the open door, listening to thunder and blinded by lightening. April showers, that's what the newspaper calls this, had me in a trance. The rain stopped, but lightening and thunder became stronger.
I wondered why, why is it that majority of people associate rain with all things sad. How is it possible? Ok, now you might turn around and say it is a matter of choice, of how each one perceives things. But, I still ask the question, how can rain be depressing??

Rain, the drops, the sound, the mood, the colours in the sky, the life, the joy, the pain, the emotions, the darkness, is everything. But it is not sad.

Though the rain could be fearsome sometimes. She is still the Mother. Our Mother. Mothers have their moments of rage, we need to understand that. She too, gets frustrated with our never ending demands.

Anyway, yesterday She spoke to me. She told me stories about places far and wide. Of places I wanted to visit some day. She invoked my spirit and gave me comfort, made me smile.
I wish it would rain all the time. To keep me safe in her arms. To talk to me all night. To keep me company.
I love you Rain. Why doesn't it rain all the time???

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Sharanya said...

I felt exactly as you did when it rained for the first time in a lonmg time! I loved it! Enjoyed it thoroughly...i do agree that most people associate rain with sorrow and i don't get that...when i'm experiencing rain ('experiencing' is so the right word to use here) i jus feel nostalgic and warm something inside me is bursting to come out...the feeling is completely atypical to rain. Doesn't it jus make all the colours in nature more vivid! Green plants look greener-i can totally understand the phrase 'bursting with life' when i'm looking at the world after a good rain, reds look richer, blues look infinite....sigh...i could go on and on...rain is good. Real good! :)