Tuesday, 10 April 2007


Its Tuesday. Again. Another week. Everything is moving so fast. It will be night soon. Then it will be Wednesday. Then we'll move into May. Then the monsoon. I can't wait for the monsoon. Let time stop there. The rain, the joy.

Every monsoon brings a new experience. And these are the experiences which are meant to be experienced in the rain and in no other season.

Bangaloreans are unique. The rain hassles them, no doubt, but no one dares to complain! It is just not acceptable. How can any one be hateful towards the rain? It is just not possible.

Rain. We wait for. Rain. To cleanse our body, mind and soul. Rain. To bring joy. To bring tears. To bring pain. Rain. Drops to adorn our bodies like pearls. Rain. The unlimited shower of kisses. Rain. Its all we need. Rain. Its all we need.

1 comment:

RastaQueen said...

I love the way we inspire one another.

No one can say that our "rainy" posts don't correspond!
We're always on the same wavelength... almost!

You're brilliant, ma angel.
The brightest light shining through!
That's *you*!