Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Poetry for Thought

Rain Mania

It rains, sweet drops of smiles,
Musical notes of dreams,
Its heart comes alive,
Beating rapidly, like inside a child.
The radio blares in the background,
A child playing, screaming fake screams of fear,
The lyrics sink through my body,
And my body heaves a sigh of relief.
Dreams come alive, I can still hear the heart beat,
Rythmic, continuous, loud,
The music of the rain gets louder,
Louder still, thunder, lightening.
The tempest of the summer is here,
Summer chills down my spin,
Every inch of my body seems to feel her,
Her tears, her pain, her everything.
It is like I am her,
Now in this moment,
My soul has slipped out and let hers in,
The sounds are clearer, the heart beat's louder.
I can feel her, her breath, heavy,
Fast, I know she's crying,
Though distance separates us,
I can feel her every emotion.
The sounds fade away,
The heart beat remains, louder than before,
The drops mourn with us,
They scream and dream with us.
Time slows down and stops,
Images are lost, thoughts remain,
Tears remain, drops remain,
It rains, drops of emptyness.
The sky mourns, tearing us apart, gently,
The earth mourns, comforting our hearts, gently,
Everything mourns, slowly draining the energy in it all,
We mourn, tears, fears and the agony of it all.
We mourn, together,
The drops comfort, the sounds absorb the pain,
The heart beat feels real, and it continues to rain,
Drops of joy and drops of pain, and I'm wishing for more.

-21st May 2007 ((5:15pm))

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