Monday, 21 May 2007

Sleeping Beast!

My inner creative side has fallen asleep.
Its irritating.
I need to trottle Her by the neck and wake Her up!

One week has passed by already.
So quick, everything is moving so quick.
Boredom creaps in.
And trust issues too.
Words have become harsh.

I've been thinking too much. I should be banned from doing that!

And then there are those moments which just make you smile, and give you a hope of a happier future.

Like, now I'm listening to the radio, and this song ((don't kno the name! Sorry)) plays everyday, but I still smile, for the lyrics, for the sound, for the whole song!
Its simple...I like simple!

And then those weird moments just become the cherry topping of my life!

"How is it to be you?", someone asked. I guess its alright up here, not all that bad. Though I wish it would be better. Life is going on. Sometimes I feel like screaming at the top of my lungs and abusing life for what it is! And the other times, I could be so happy, that if life was a person I'd kill him/her by squeezing all the air out of their lungs due to my BearHug! Sometimes, I cry with hatred and vengence in my eyes, or cry with a smile and a thought "Life can't get better than this!"

Birthday celebrations are around the corner. So something to look forward to, life's not that bad!
I need to get clothes soon! So shopping is also on my things-to-do list, which by the way I dont like. I cant spend hours shopping! Yes, there is that side to me, where I wont buy it unless I like it, what can I say, I like somethings in a certain way! So until I like something the shopping spree continues, then stops at a cafe for sure!

Anyway, its time to go now! Back to the shelf life I've been leading!
((Loud Trumpet Sounds!))

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