Saturday, 9 June 2007

More is Never Enough

We are always hurt by the things unsaid & undone...and when we do say it, it makes us happier and free....

All those emotions are back.
An endless love story is consuming my thoughts.
Is it real or a mirage in the desert?
I died, and woke up again, stronger, and now, the cause of death is here again!
And I always said that, the love between us was something out of the great epics, a love from Shakespeare's words.
"Its like a cup filled with liquid, and that liquid being love, which I kept pouring, and the cup overflowed and I still didn't stop. A love that was of the painful kind, more is never enough!"

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Sharanya said...

i love the metaphors you use in your blog...they fit so perfectly! how do you come up with them hun?