Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Lisa Love

She lay there, cold, pale and dead. My hand in hers, and tears stream down. The room seems more colourful, and dream like. No one there, no friends, no family. The phone is close by, I must call someone. I can't move, can't breathe, can't stop the tears. Tears. Lisa, is dead. Tears. Lisa, is gone. I must call someone. Anyone. I couldn't move. She looked more beautiful than ever, pale, but beautiful. Content. Maybe even smiling. I lay beside her, still hand in hand. Breathing on her face, tears remain. Lisa. My love, is gone. Never to wake from this sleep.

James walked in, stood at the door, and fell to his knees. I watch him fall, so helpless, so painful. Tears. They didn't stop. I closed my eyes, tears filled, and I breathe her scent. She smelt like lavender. Tears. I held her hand tighter. And hoped it hurt her enough to wake her, gasping for air. She didn't. Tears. All over. Like a bleeding wound. Tears.

Suddenly, there were people. More tears. I opened my eyes, all our friends, family were watching. I stayed there, more tears now. He touched my face, and wiped them away.
"James...", I fumbled, never could complete that sentence. Tears. Tears. Tears. I slipped into a trance, her scent, her voice, her skin, her. Eyes closed, hand in hers.

Helpless, weak and tears are all that remain...

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