Monday, 17 September 2007

Poetry For Thought

Destined Dreams

Souls collide, into me,
Dreams survive, and try to breathe.
Words seem to form an escape,
Today, words fail me, fail to be my journey.
A cascade of emotions I feel,
No reason or rhyme makes it unreal.
I can never be Shakespeare, but I try as hard,
For these words to explain, the hurt and pain.
Maybe you'll never see, me,
My joy, hurt and the tears.
I may sound like a child,
Immature and unreasonable
But I don't care, for you are not perfect too,
For you have the thoughts of a mere worm, on the floor of the pond.
I have survived, and watched things fall apart,
I have walked, cried, died alone.
I never wanted you to be in that world,
Its lonely, its dark and its violent.
I tried, my love, to keep you safe,
Maybe I had no right, maybe its easier to learn on your own.
I let go, so that you can fall, crawl and then stand,
But you let go too..its all over now.
But its the thought that counts,
I cared, and I made it clear.
You said you cared,
But I question the existence of that very emotion in your soul.
Love? Do you? Do you know its meaning?
Nay! Nay! Thy soul know'st not of such deep emotion.
So you ask, if I do? Maybe not, maybe I do,
But, I love and always will, and someday reach its perfection.
You have never known its meaning,
Its hate and love at the same time.
You will learn of it, some day,
And it will remind of things unsaid, and thoughts erased.
Destiny, is what it is,
It will creep up on you.....

-17th September 2007

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