Saturday, 27 October 2007

Poetry For Thought

Title: Dreaming

Its November again,
Years go by, days feel lost.
Mechanical chores everyday,
Dreams of your smile every night.
Sorrow gazes through your dreamy eyes,
Are you really gone??
In my dreams you play with the wind and
Dance to the rain, are you still gone??

Lets pick cherries from the sky,
And roses from the sea.
While we swim through our dreams,
And soar above our faith.
The winds brings chocolates and pearls,
Pearls to wish upon and a smile to follow.
Fishes fly and whisper secrets of yesterday,
Lets listen some more, lets be here.

Its just dreams now,
Sleep induced, and memories alive.
It was the hardest pain, losing you,
Not saying everything I want to say, not sharing the silence.
I have to tell you how much I need you,
How much I love you.
So lets keep dreaming,
Sing, dance and talk, and stay alive...

-27 october 2007


Chaggoholic.... said...

Hey is it this one? I love this a lot....

Princess S/Kishmish said...

this also :) but i gave the link to another one :) thanks for your comments :)