Monday, 26 November 2007

Poetry for thought

Title: Come

Come, come into my arms,
I'm here aren't I?
Maybe life's too short,
Maybe life's too long.
As long as we sing our songs,
It will keep us alive.
Come, come lets sing,
Come, fade into my soul.
Lets cry together,
Maybe even laugh a bit.
I can feel your pain,
Responsibility is bringing you down.
Don't fall into emptiness,
Fall into my arms, into my body, into my soul.
Don't pretend like it doesn't hurt,
Let me be near you, hold you.
I know you don't need a saviour,
I won't save you, don't throw me out.
Maybe I need you too,
To cry with, pain is inside us.
Maybe I need you,
To laugh with, joy is inside us.
Pale, you look pale,
And I see myself in your eyes.
We are alike, yet unlike,
We are together, yet far apart.
Come, come into my arms,
Fade away in me.
We are one, we have the same song,
We have the same mind.
Lets be together now,
Come, come lets fade away.
The sounds of the ocean I hear,
Memories of when you were so near.
Where were you while you were hurting,
Where were you without me?
Take me with you,
Let me take you with me.
Come, lets fade,
Come, come into my mind, body and soul.
Come, lets search for sand man,
Lets find him.
Come, hold my hand,
Lets free our pain.

-26/11/2007, 6:26pm

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