Saturday, 29 December 2007

Lisa Love

Title: Blue

And then I made it ten,
Its all in her eyes: they said.
Its december, its a year gone,
Without Lisa, without her love.
Our home isn't home anymore,
My memory fails me slowly.
I wore that dress, it still smells like her,
I must catch up with her.
I need to catch up with her,
Lavender dreams fill my eyes.
Its all gone,
So quickly, so slowly.
How can I forget if I don't want to?
How can I forget if I don't want to?
I stay still, with the sounds of the ocean in my ear,
I breathe and sob and soar and die.
Talk to me, whisper a song,
Don't leave yet.
And then I made it ten,
Its all in her eyes: they said.
Never had (never will have) a love like this,
Its all in her eyes: they said



Friday, 28 December 2007

Poetry for Thought

Title: ((untitled))

Black fever under my skin,
It rains, purple, green and soft drops.
I cringe and move under the grey sky,
My eyes are still.
I lay under the sinful sky,
He sings, I can hear him sing.
" Come on, oh my star is fading
And I see no chance of release
And I know I’m dead on the surface
But I am screaming underneath", he sings.
All I can hear is his voice,
I am dead and all I can hear his voice.
Its peaceful, his voice,
The music, the rain, the death.
The song goes on,
It doesn't stop raining.
Come hold my hand,
Let me love you, remember you for eternity.
The grey sky turns red,
I turn blue.
Don't kiss me yet, I can still see,
Its over, finally, I'm free.
Don't kiss me yet,
I'm fading still, I can still see.
I'm free, its over now,
"Thus with a kiss I die".

- 28 december 2007

Friday, 21 December 2007

then some and poetry

"Your lips upon my lips,
Can you just picture this...
Your finger tips on my finger tips,
Your skin upon my skin...
Would be the Sweetest Sin." (song by Jessica Simpson)

This song has been stuck in my head, maybe not the song, but that paragraph. So here it is, up on blog!

I like being right, and I recently was! So I am high on that!

I love The Gang, I meet them in my dreams too. Pure friendships! No hassles of a boyfriend/girlfriend! We are all just FRIENDS. I like friends. I love friends! I love The Gang!

So, that song, Sweetest Sin, lingers in my mind too much!

Its hard when you know you can't get that something you want, but you know what??
I don't care! I can't get it, I know!

But so what?! Sweetest Sin, sounds good in my head!

Title: Linger

Fingers linger through mine,
I can't let go.
Skins merge, thoughts surface,
Two hearts beat as one.
I can't let go,
My hand, my mind.. lingers on.
I can't wait for us to be,
But, we can never be.
Sleep, sleep some more,
I can kiss some more.
Eyes closed and the moon above,
Starry night, and I can't let go.
Soft carress on my skin,
I close my eyes, and breathe.


I can't write past that as I am experimenting with words. As you may notice i haven't used him/her in this, which is the idea! I can't think today, I will finish it some other day.

Saturday, 15 December 2007

You & Me

Hey you,

Its been a while since I kissed your lips.

I wish I could disappear in your arms, cry and dissolve these sordid emotions.
I want you to hold me forever...this is hard..especially when you don't see me...don't love me...

I tip-toed into Sandman's dreams. And saw us together. In our big house.

You are here, but you are are gone from my heart.
You locked the doors and lost the keys, didn't you?

Oceans apart, souls apart, dreams apart...will we be together?
You dislike that I care, don't you?

I wish you could see the night sky from my window.
Its purple sometimes.. your favourite colour.



While I lay, prepared to fall asleep,
I stared at the ocean in my bedroom wall and the stars in my mind.
I listened to the imaginery wind and music, soft and supple,
The sounds of the ocean, the carress of the wind.

I lay there, still,
Breathing softly.
Maybe if I just stay here, still, unmoving,
Maybe the pain will disappear.
Maybe, just maybe, it will all go away,
The betrayal, the false friends, the lies, the false hopes.
Just maybe, if i just stay still,
Just maybe..

Maybe I will dissapear, slowly,
Drowning into the warm Earth.

Monday, 10 December 2007


Speed of lights can be frightening behind closed eyes. Especially when you want to sleep, and can't close your eyes.
And one day, some day, it will slow down. Until then, lets race!


Draw in my soul, I am drained. Come lets find the cafe in the sky...


When the world seems empty, think of me..atleast you will have company in your mind. Imagination isn't that bad. Lets imagine..


Friends make up for the sudden loss of my rainbow. Actually, imagination makes up for it, friends too. I'm stormless, but the real question is, is the stormless-ness here to stay?? When will my rainbow stick to my soul again..?


Lets find the cafe in the sky, Dance, while the sun screams orange in our eyes. The red in your eyes lingers on my skin, The purple on your lips tingles my senses.


I see so much love.. I see so much hate.. More hate, than love.. Come let me love you, And you can hate me..


I don't care, these souls suffice, the thoughts and memories suffice..
You suffice, your interest in these words suffice, though I don't know what you are, could be or were ...your love, your thoughts, your dreams, tangled in mine suffice...


Lets be together. Virtually. We will never have a breakup. Our love will never end. My words, your words, our words, our worlds..let all merge..


Friday, 7 December 2007

Poetry for thought

Title: We

The distance between us grows,
The silence between us screams.
The children between us dance,
And the moments between us fade.
Our bodies move as one,
But our soul doesn't merge.
Our eyes meet and greet,
But our mind doesn't sync.
We talk,
But we say nothing.
We kiss,
But our lips part in 5 seconds.
We smile,
But we don't.
I think its time to say,
We need to talk.


Wednesday, 5 December 2007


Things to do after watching a movie (before going to bed):
1] Wonder if life could be that simple.
2] Wonder if life could be that complicated.
3] Ponder over the number of takes in the whole movie.
4] Watch the credits, and remind yourself to remember to download these songs fom Limewire the next day.
5] Imagine how the actors look without make up.
6] Smile at yourself.
7] Watch all the ads. And be amazed at the patience you have in the middle of the night to watch ads.
8] Try not to fall asleep. Even though you have to wake up early the next day.
9] Change channels to find another movie to watch.
10] Yawn.
11] Stick to VH1 for sometime, songs are always entertaining.
12] VH1 classic is not so much fun when sleep tries to take over, so change the channels again.
13] Watch some more ads.
14] Finally switch off the TV.
15] Call your friend to see if he/she's awake.
16] Ask her/him if he/she saw the movie on TV, and discuss it regardless.
17] Then say you are going to bed and hang up.
18] Walk around the house, drink water.
19] Snuggle into bed, stare at the window for a bit.
20] Be motivated to persue acting. Yawn, then fall asleep.

Tuesday, 4 December 2007


Things to do on Facebook:
1] Stare at the homepage.
2] Add and delete applications.
3] Change profile picture.
4] Find friends, even though you cannot see their profiles. And then stare at their profile picture and wonder if it is the same person.
5] Poke friends, and sometimes chuck a book at them.
6] Write on walls.
7] Stare at the homepage.
8] Stare at your profile.
9] Log out and log in again after a few minutes.
10] Change status messages and wait for the number of minutes to be calculated.
11] Go through other people pictures, as you have none.
12] Ponder upon how they have so much time to click these pictures, edit them and put them up on FB.
13] Ponder upon leaving the social site, then decide against it.
14] Wonder if there will ever be a community dedicated to you after you die.
15] Yawn while staring at the homepage
16] Check if any friends are online, if they aren't wonder how they wrote on your wall at the same time.
17] Wonder why FB has almost 55 million people.
18] Stare at the homepage, yawn.
19] Use an application, finally.
20] Stare at the homepage, and then log out..