Friday, 21 December 2007

then some and poetry

"Your lips upon my lips,
Can you just picture this...
Your finger tips on my finger tips,
Your skin upon my skin...
Would be the Sweetest Sin." (song by Jessica Simpson)

This song has been stuck in my head, maybe not the song, but that paragraph. So here it is, up on blog!

I like being right, and I recently was! So I am high on that!

I love The Gang, I meet them in my dreams too. Pure friendships! No hassles of a boyfriend/girlfriend! We are all just FRIENDS. I like friends. I love friends! I love The Gang!

So, that song, Sweetest Sin, lingers in my mind too much!

Its hard when you know you can't get that something you want, but you know what??
I don't care! I can't get it, I know!

But so what?! Sweetest Sin, sounds good in my head!

Title: Linger

Fingers linger through mine,
I can't let go.
Skins merge, thoughts surface,
Two hearts beat as one.
I can't let go,
My hand, my mind.. lingers on.
I can't wait for us to be,
But, we can never be.
Sleep, sleep some more,
I can kiss some more.
Eyes closed and the moon above,
Starry night, and I can't let go.
Soft carress on my skin,
I close my eyes, and breathe.


I can't write past that as I am experimenting with words. As you may notice i haven't used him/her in this, which is the idea! I can't think today, I will finish it some other day.


mcdallas said...

very girlish

Mithraah Indiirh said...

Et tu in love?
Long time...

Princess Selene said...

are you alive!!!!!
and no, not in louve!
i am always in louve! i mean i am just toooooo lou-ving! :)