Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Poetry for Thought

Title: Question Mark

The gum in my mouth is stale,
The teacher ahead is in slow motion.
Thoughts flow slowly,
And my phone's ringing with concern.
Friends far away,
Feels like everything has stopped.
Future, present and past are redolent,
Thoughts are constant and eternal.
People dying and screams in my head,
I can feel their hearts stop.
What is our purpose here,
What does our destiny hold?
Death and life are advertised here,
All that matters is getting to the grave.
Feels like an open wound,
Deep and being infested by insects.
These thoughts, these thoughts are
All that remain.
Questions unanswered, answers unquestioned,
What is our purpose here?
Are we the saviours of our world,
Or the destroyers?



K?K! said...

U write
the way i enjoy the writers to write
it makes you want to dream, want to imagine...
will update this thing soon

Mithraah Indiirh said...

We're here for a reason!
Never mind ya!
Nice poesy though :)
Lol! Prefer that form of the word even if it might not exist.