Wednesday, 27 February 2008


this is a chat from 2007, august. the boys that both of us a referring to have turned out to be IDIOTS! but isn't this a cute chat?? :)

16:18 Lu: he is committing suicide of our relationship


me: he s dying or the relationship?

16:19Lu: he is murdering the relationship

me: ahhh

wat he say?

Lu: he depressed it seems

16:20me: :)

tel him to screw himself


13:23me: should change ur pic too

Lu: y

13:24me: why not

13:25Lu: podi

me: u podi

11:48me: did u sleep?

11:52Lu: no

11:55me: why not?

Lu: wait

11:56me: waiting

Lu: busy man wait

23:01me: its a question


he kissed me

on the cheek

Lu: wat the fuck

oh ok

i was just gonna

me: ya

Lu: ask if you kissed him back

me: so cutely

Lu: lol

how cutely

23:02me: cos i have fever..take care and kissed me


Lu: awwww

23:06 me: i know..

so cute

Lu: hmmm


me: i asked wat do u do when the hope tht was floating drowns

Lu: you just build another one to float

23:07me: hmm..

wat if its all drowned

Lu: thats the beauty of hope

you can always generate new

not only renew it

but create more

23:08me: hmm


why u got pissed when i said he kissed me

Lu: i dint

i was excited

wrong emotion


23:09me: ohhhh


so how it is going


------------------------------------------------>>>>>>>>>>> Sometimes the internet helps, talks and consoles.


me: where ba
u disappeared only
good morning by the way
11:53 s*: hi ba mornin
hows your sunday?
me: good..
11:54 but yea
11:55 s*: ok ba
me: wat u did?
11:56 everyone was asking for u

10 minutes
12:06 s*: shit yeah ba was so fed up with my phone was only gettin me in trouble so put it on silent n buried it in my bag.... suddenly at 2 in the morn woke up n realised i had no alarm cha sad then with eyes half closed went huntin for it... traumatic it was
12:07 went to st johns ba... some disastrous concert type thingy it was so bad tht it was funny
12:08 me: atleast u tripped on it right?
so it wrks out..
s*: yeah ba as a last resort it was either kill myself or be amused
12:09 me: be amused is th choice i see..
s*: wht yu did?
me: :)
nothing, came home, watched tv, ate, dozed off on the sofa..woke up at 5
ran out, met some friends near home
ended up at ****
went home
12:10 extemely bored ba
and now i am so so so sleepy
s*: jus pass out on desk for a bit ba. it helps
me: i did already

13:02 me: what do u call sants's helpers?
13:05 >santa's

9 minutes
13:14 s*: wht ba?
13:17 me: subordinate clauses! :)

27 minutes
13:45 s*: good one ba
13:46 me: :)

39 minutes
14:25 s*: now am goin
14:26 me: wow..
very quick response i must say
s*: hee hee was busy ba wht to do

Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Poetry for thought

Title: slow

thoughts crash into me,
i bleed them and tease them,
her voice helps me through,
and the black rain kisses my soul.
on nights like these,
when silence can be heard,
when the black rain pours,
is when we see the dark side.
black rain blanket comforts,
it wounds,
it touches and leaves drops of kisses,
it tears and rips my skin open.
my body moves with her,
black rain like a knife on my skin,
one kiss past and she's gone,
just like that, she's gone.
i can't feel my feet, my body,
its harder to breathe now,
i can hear a whisper saying,
"Die my darlin', you look better in my memories"


Special thanks to S for the last line.

Friday, 15 February 2008



A friend inspires...

"She strolled through the day thinking of a stranger. The thought of coming back to the monotonous office space to mail her brought a smile to her lips. Her body aching and her mind sick, she sat down to mail, to say good night. Just to say a simple good night.
The clock's ticking, she's dreadfully late. Though she is part of the working class, and her job demands late hours, she still had obligatory reasons to get home. Home?? She wonders. She forcefully stops her train of thought, which she decided to resume on the bumpy ride 'home'. She finishes her mail...her lips swollen with smiles. And her mind relaxed, she walks out into a busy world, where she's all alone.
Smiling, because, tomorrow, she'll enter this portal again to 'meet' her friend......"

Friday, 8 February 2008

Love Story

I bury my feet in the sand, draw a circle around myself and then decide to stay inside it. Then I walk away, far away, draw another circle around me and decide to stay inside it!

It never works, the sea calls to me, longs for my feet. So I walk, slowly, teasing the water. Slowly moving my toes, gesturing to be shy and then my feet. The water smiles and kisses the wind. My feet are happier now and free from the circle.

I stay there, watching the water slip through my toes and thrill my senses. I look ahead and I see, the ocean singing out to me. I close my eyes and I feel the sun. My skin draws in and shies away. My eyes close and I breathe some more. The sun whispers and smiles and keeps my skin occupied. My eyes dream and soar and the water moves through my feet.

My body moves, though I’m still.

We make love and the ocean screams.
We make love and I can’t breathe.
My skin tingles and heaves.
The water roars and rushes.

The current is stronger now, pulling me in, making me want more. My feet are numb and joyous.
The ocean moves faster and my insides feel weaker. Sprinkles of water on my face, I can feel the rush and hurry now. It’s just my feet in the water, but the ocean doesn’t tease. The waters force their way up to my knees. And I am half way there.

I can hear the wind in my ear. Soft kisses it leaves.
The world is empty now; it’s just me and the sea. It’s just us and the wind. It’s just us and the sun.

Ocean dreams fill up the void. We soar and roar together.
My body moves, though I’m still.
We don’t stop, its not over yet.
We still move as one. Hearts beating together.
Fingers of drops run through my hair, my neck and my back.

The sky closes in and sets the mood. It rains now, sweet drops, hard and fast drops.

I can feel the ocean now. Faster and faster and faster…

I can’t go on; erotism and fantasy merge and surge through my bones.
We don’t stop its not over yet.
We still move, I can’t go on, but we still move.
The winds don’t stop kissing my neck; the rain doesn’t stop searching my soul.
The ocean doesn’t stop and I can’t go on.

I jolt my eyes open and hesitantly walk backwards. my feet lingers, my toes are playful. I can’t move, I don’t want to leave. The rain slows down, the ocean moans. The wind caresses and my soul breathes. I don’t want to stop, I can’t go on.

I linger in the salty dream and step away slowly.
Dreams are all that remain.

I bury my feet in the sand, draw a circle around myself and then decide to stay inside it, try to stay inside it………..



Wednesday, 6 February 2008

You & Me

hey you,

i missed you. you were on my mind. can you see the sky? the sky in my eyes?
she is closer than before..and she can't seem to let go, neither can i..

our cravings still sway me..move me..and taunt me..

i wish you could stay beside me, while i try and fall asleep. i know it will be hard while your sweet scent haunts me...while your hand sweeps through my hair, my neck, my skin. i will try harder and harder to stay awake, but you will let me fall asleep. i know you will...

you will wake me again and kiss my neck...i know you will....

I wish you could see the night sky from my window.
Its purple sometimes.. your favourite colour.


Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Poetry for Thought

I have just returned from Gokarna. Gokarna does some good to my mind and soul. I return with a different view towards everything..
And I cannot seem to explain these feelings. The following is a glimpse into my thoughts. I will fill in more..when words are easy...


Blue skies and blue horizons,
Pearls of laughter and silence,
Our feets move while they stay,
Our minds merge while our lips are hushed.
People talk and smile,
Walks into the sky,
And dreams into our eyes,
City life seems unclear.
The water rushes back and forth,
Breaks my heart to know I'm far,
I can't see the sparks anymore,
City life seems unclear.
"Here we go again",
The end is near,
I miss the sea and the wind,
I miss them and our feet.
Close your eyes and we'll float some more,
Lets dream some more and soar some more,
All good things come to an end,
But, we'll be back again.