Friday, 15 February 2008



A friend inspires...

"She strolled through the day thinking of a stranger. The thought of coming back to the monotonous office space to mail her brought a smile to her lips. Her body aching and her mind sick, she sat down to mail, to say good night. Just to say a simple good night.
The clock's ticking, she's dreadfully late. Though she is part of the working class, and her job demands late hours, she still had obligatory reasons to get home. Home?? She wonders. She forcefully stops her train of thought, which she decided to resume on the bumpy ride 'home'. She finishes her mail...her lips swollen with smiles. And her mind relaxed, she walks out into a busy world, where she's all alone.
Smiling, because, tomorrow, she'll enter this portal again to 'meet' her friend......"