Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Poetry for thought

Title: slow

thoughts crash into me,
i bleed them and tease them,
her voice helps me through,
and the black rain kisses my soul.
on nights like these,
when silence can be heard,
when the black rain pours,
is when we see the dark side.
black rain blanket comforts,
it wounds,
it touches and leaves drops of kisses,
it tears and rips my skin open.
my body moves with her,
black rain like a knife on my skin,
one kiss past and she's gone,
just like that, she's gone.
i can't feel my feet, my body,
its harder to breathe now,
i can hear a whisper saying,
"Die my darlin', you look better in my memories"


Special thanks to S for the last line.


Sangeet Paul said...

Thanks for stopping by at my blog :) Glad you liked the poems... Liked this one of yours too...

Muddled Mind said...

I love the last line...I want to say it to someone..the same someone my tears was written for..