Thursday, 6 March 2008

you and me

hey you,

how have you been? is it warm there? are you well? have you met someone? someone other than me and her?

will you ever see me as the girl you would be with, grow old with?

i miss you when i'm trying to fall asleep, its harder now. after spending those nights in your arms, sleeping in your arms, it has become harder to fall asleep now. i wish we would be together at all times. i wish we didn't need to work. i wish it could be this simple, just you and me and our world.

hope you are well. hope you think of me. i think of you, almost everyday. i have tried to move on, but sometimes i think, why the f*** should i. might as well hope. but then again, its not the same on all days. you are gone and i'm wishing you were here. i have no idea what i would have said or done. but you would be near and that would have been different, easier maybe. then again, your thoughts haunt me and i feel foolish.

most of the time i make no sense when it comes to you. and i don't have the courage to tel you, again, that i love you. but i will. i have to. you have to know. i have to be able to give "us" a chance. even if you don't want me to.

we don't have a song...

i wish you could see the night sky from my window.
its purple sometimes.. your favourite colour.



Anonymous said...

Very nice and very very endearing.

Been following your blog posts. Amazing...

Keep posting.


K?K! said...

very me... what else can i say.
but im random, so it doesn't matter.