Wednesday, 30 April 2008


"Stay..", I whisper, I crave.
My body and soul, sore from the pain and tears.

It agonizes the strength in me and makes me seep through into weakness. I am strong, we are all strong, but..on some days we need to be cradled in loving arms, like a child who had a fall.

"Stay..", is all I can manage to say. To feel and to think.
Yet they left...while I lay on the floor, in the river of my tears and the sky of my pain. They left. One by one, soul by soul. One more angered than the other. One more stupid than the other, one more helpless than the other.

"Stay..", I scream. The wind carresses and kisses and She's all I have for company. The tears don't stop, I am alone. WE are all alone.

"Stay..", I whisper, I crave.
Why can't it be as simple as that, just stay and we'll figure it all? We'll work towards the future and stay.

Stay with me fade or soar or die or live or or or...but..just stay..

Thursday, 24 April 2008

Its just another day,
Just another song.
Its just another way
That life comes along.

Saturday, 5 April 2008

mixed emotions

look at me.
i am still the same.
i still feel the same.
i deserve some respect for all that i have done. for that i have felt.
don't love me. don't hate me. respect.
gratitude. no need for you to say the words-thank you.
atleast seem like you have the gratitude.

i am not a bad person. i deserve a smile. a hello. a goodbye, maybe.
sounds seep through, of your voice, your laugh. your eyes linger on the stare.
you cry. your tears on my fingers, my heart skip's a beat.
she's gone.
never to return. death consumes. every second seems longer.
she's gone.
how can i make it better? how can i stop these tears, from your eyes and mine?
should i stay or should i go?
sweet love, sweet sorrow, sweet nothing.



Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Rain Rain come again

Its raining now, heavy and light...lightening and thunder crack the walls of the sky.

This rain is much calmer compared to the hail storm that Bangalore experienced on Sunday. Hard drops of ice and water. It was an honour to have been stuck in the middle of it all, inside a box, that we most often refer to as a car (nothing againt cars I might add!), with a good friend, who was scared to death of dying under a branch, that MIGHT fall on us!

I can never forget the sounds and the visuals of that day and the feeling of fear, joy and nevervouness all wrapped up into one gaint smile on our faces! We became children for that hour of the storm...and of all days the flight had to be schduled for that day. I couldn't stop worrying and praying that the flight be cancelled. But modern life has its way of winning too..she did take off and land safely, to my amazement and relief!

There were floods on the streets and headlights on at 3:00pm! Zero visibility and loud cracks of thunder and display of lightening! It almost felt like Mother Nature was chuckling to herself and throwing a party in the sky! The trees moved with the wind, drops danced along and made love to the world! How I wish I was a leaf! And how I wish I didnt need to be dry! :)

The storm was quick and passed in the same hurry it came through to us; left me like a child wanting more candy, more of that sweet and irresistible candy!

Now it rains some more, keeps me waiting for more...more for a day when I can run free under the sky...more for a day when I can have the chance to stand still under the fury of the rain...more for a day when I don't have to be at work!!

"There's a rush,
And I can't help but blush!
The rain leaves a scar,
No caste, no race, no bar!
The rain leaves a dream,
And that's Her evil scheme!
The rain touches and kisses,
And in our ear the wind hisses!
It rains, with drops seeping through our skin,
And I feel lost and found within!
Let it rain some more,
And these feelings will come again in galore!"
-2 April 2008