Wednesday, 28 May 2008

The rain affair

Its raining storm here, in Bangalore!
Hail storm, droplets of solid ice; a sight to remember!

We stayed on the roof, until it started to pour, dragging and cherishing on the last taste of a rainless sky. I smiled, picked up some ice, tried taking a picture.

Its windy outside, raining like crazy, I can hear the ice slap against everything in its way. Its loud and soothing...Stormy weather is here to stay!

Phone calls are unattended, the lines are down. My cell phone keeps ringing.

All I can think of right now is how much I am in love, in love with the rain, any kind of rain.
Of how much this makes me happy and satisfied, of how much my body and soul craves for this, of how much this leaves me wanting more, wanting for much more!

This is the love affiar I will always have, always keep.
The rain and me will last forever. This love will never seize to exist.
The scent, the touch, the fever, will always seem like the first kiss.

The rain will always leave me wanting for more, waiting for more, dreaming for more and screaming for more!

Thank you Sky, thank you rain, for loving me and letting me love you!

Thousand Kisses and More,

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