Monday, 30 June 2008


it burns,
it scars,
it loves,
it hurts,
it screams,
i dream,
lets merge,
be one,
talk to me again,
and i'll soar,
be real again,
and i'll smile,
be real again,
feels like forever since you left,
agony without you,
when will you return?
when will i smile?
when will i soar?
when will you return???

Saturday, 28 June 2008

Here and There

i just felt like i needed another blog, to write more..with different colours..
so click here if you feel like reading.

also planning to start following the sunday scribble as well..

new beginnings... :)

"start something new"

Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Poetry For Thought

Title: ((untitled))

Slow, the air seeps through my window,
Urging me to stay, stay in that moment,
I try to fall into Sandman's ruse,
Trying to keep in mind that I will be awake the next day.
I don't want to wake,
The slumber seems much more comforting,
The dark sleepy haze feels warm,
Slow, its all so slow and united.
She calls, to wake me,
Her electronic voice tries to force my eyes open,
"20 more minutes," I crackle,
She hangs up, I fall back into my darkness.
Dreaming of better days, of life,
Of you, of me, of us, of them,
Of never waking up,
She calls again, I am forced to open my eyes.
I hang up, I am awake,
I am back to the real world now,
The emptiness has deepened,
Everyday it climbs up, higher.
My eyes are heavy,
Heavy and filled with tears,
I cried, I woke up and cried,
I feel like a child, I need to grow up.
I woke up and cried,
Cried for you, me and them,
Every part of me screamed and wailed,
But the sound disappeared into the emptiness.
The sound disappeared into the emptiness,
I will remain searching,
And we will all remain in between,
The stakes will be raised, its going to get harder.

But some things and some people will stay longer,
She will call every morning,
The one thing I look forward to, her electronic voice forcing me to wake,
Even though, someday she'll be gone too..

~25th June 2008

Do we want to grow up??

Thursday, 19 June 2008

feels like a part of me is dying,
the whole of me is fading.
the wind, silently brushes past me,
watching me, watching my soul disappear.
she holds my hand, he smiles at me,
yet, it feels like a part of me is dying.

feels like a part of me is dying,
the whole of me is fading..

Tuesday, 17 June 2008

I wonder what goes through people's minds who are going to kill themselves in the next few minutes; other than the obvious want and need to die and of death finally surrounding their souls.

What happens to the clothes, the room they called home on most days?
Do they worry about the secrets, that locked drawer or cupboard could reveal?
Or do they plan it so carefully that these are carefully disposed and forgotten?

The sheets on the bed, the books, pens, the dust in the room.
What will happen to the room? Will it be kept intact in memory of the dead, dust filled, empty room? Or used, changed and manipulated to suit the needs of the time?

Do they wonder? Do they think of all the things they would miss after that breathe has passed? Do they feel the pain of their loved ones in those last few moments?

What goes on?

"Do they regret the decision in afterlife?" (Alice)

What really goes on behind all that jazz, during the moments of dying....??

For all those who have left, may you rest in peace...hope that your world is much better than the ones we are surrounded by.

Saturday, 14 June 2008

The times have changed and the moments have passed.
Do you care anymore? Or have i pushed the envelope too far?

Lonely and worried.
Suffering yet comfortable.
Confusion...emotional confusion.

Where is everyone?
Where are you??

Lonesome dreams, weary dreams, blurry images and I can't go on............

Friday, 13 June 2008

Blog Tag Game 2

3 Joys:
~of being in the rain, near the rain, hearing the rain, dreaming the rain, just RAIN
~falling asleep, peacefully, in a comfortable bed
~laughter and tears of a relationship, any kind
adding one more: meeting strange and new and interesting people, with the same intension of the before said.

3 Fears:
~COCKROACHES and other ikkcy worms
~nightmares that could possibly come true
~losing control

3 Goals:
~writing a book, someday
~"travel the world and live more simply", Dido, sand in my shoes
~own a successful business which would also give back to the world somehow, packed with a comfortable, simple and worry free lifestyle

3 Current Obsessions/Collections
~Getting everything organized, EVERYTHING
~Time and money Management
~Phone, my new phone :)

3 Random Surprising Facts:
~I have no social life
~My bro is very good at reading minds and going through my stuff
~some people are cute and some people are irritatingly cute

Tagging: Romal, Sarah Q, Disco, him, manoj and shar for luck