Friday, 13 June 2008

Blog Tag Game 2

3 Joys:
~of being in the rain, near the rain, hearing the rain, dreaming the rain, just RAIN
~falling asleep, peacefully, in a comfortable bed
~laughter and tears of a relationship, any kind
adding one more: meeting strange and new and interesting people, with the same intension of the before said.

3 Fears:
~COCKROACHES and other ikkcy worms
~nightmares that could possibly come true
~losing control

3 Goals:
~writing a book, someday
~"travel the world and live more simply", Dido, sand in my shoes
~own a successful business which would also give back to the world somehow, packed with a comfortable, simple and worry free lifestyle

3 Current Obsessions/Collections
~Getting everything organized, EVERYTHING
~Time and money Management
~Phone, my new phone :)

3 Random Surprising Facts:
~I have no social life
~My bro is very good at reading minds and going through my stuff
~some people are cute and some people are irritatingly cute

Tagging: Romal, Sarah Q, Disco, him, manoj and shar for luck

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