Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Poetry For Thought

Title: ((untitled))

Slow, the air seeps through my window,
Urging me to stay, stay in that moment,
I try to fall into Sandman's ruse,
Trying to keep in mind that I will be awake the next day.
I don't want to wake,
The slumber seems much more comforting,
The dark sleepy haze feels warm,
Slow, its all so slow and united.
She calls, to wake me,
Her electronic voice tries to force my eyes open,
"20 more minutes," I crackle,
She hangs up, I fall back into my darkness.
Dreaming of better days, of life,
Of you, of me, of us, of them,
Of never waking up,
She calls again, I am forced to open my eyes.
I hang up, I am awake,
I am back to the real world now,
The emptiness has deepened,
Everyday it climbs up, higher.
My eyes are heavy,
Heavy and filled with tears,
I cried, I woke up and cried,
I feel like a child, I need to grow up.
I woke up and cried,
Cried for you, me and them,
Every part of me screamed and wailed,
But the sound disappeared into the emptiness.
The sound disappeared into the emptiness,
I will remain searching,
And we will all remain in between,
The stakes will be raised, its going to get harder.

But some things and some people will stay longer,
She will call every morning,
The one thing I look forward to, her electronic voice forcing me to wake,
Even though, someday she'll be gone too..

~25th June 2008

Do we want to grow up??


Surya, the Ayrus! said...

The end hit me like the metal cling on the school bell in an empty afternoon hour..surreal, sad, but expected.Nice.

Princess Selene said...


edson_dias said...

do we want to grow up?
Not really but I kinda like living in my own apartment. :-) something I couldnt do as a kid.
BTW I like your style of writing. All the best