Friday, 25 July 2008

moving and the rain affair

i woke up to the most beautiful weather that bangalore can offer.
its the monsoons again, and i am loving it!

i woke up to the pitter patter of rain and realized that i love my room too much. i have spent a good 8 years of my life here, the part which i actually remember. new new things in the room since the first year, but the room has been my shrine.

the view is absolutely amazing and i could have night or day by just moving the curtains. however, i did loose that advantage a year or so ago, due to termite (or they could have been aliens) attack (and my rage that those b*&%#@$s were there; so i broke the wood thingy holding the curtain and left it in my back yard). these termites made a noise, a really loud noise that kept me awake on most nights, so that explains the rage.

it is so sad that i will be moving, i will miss my shrine. my room.

rain is the best weather in the world. makes me exceptionally happy. and content. and dreamy. and in love. most of all in love with that sound, that feeling of drops on my skin. just in love with the rain.

however, i would like to be outside, wasting time, dreaming and smiling to myself instead of being at work. but that, like you can see, has not happened yet. i am at work, typing into my blog (which is also better than work, so i am smiling).

i don't want to move. i mean i want to have my own place and all, of course i do. but if i ever go to visit family i want it to be this house, not the one i have to move to now.

i have had my secret affairs with the rain in this house, when all were asleep. i will miss sneaking up to the terrace and stealing a few dances and kisses from the sky.

how i wish time would stop; not go back, but just stop. i wouldn't mind typing this over and over again.


alice said...

:) yeah concur on the rain...n me so don't wanna be at work either

Anonymous said...

What a tantelizing idea.... stopping time to enjoy the moment!
Some moments are precious; like that first smell of rain after a long hot spell. Its so hard to explain to others, how those moments feel, and why they leave such an indelible imprint in the mind and heart and soul.

If only; we could stop the clock. Or even better turn it back to that speacial space in time, that special memory, that instant when everything felt just so perfect that you wished upon a million stars that it would never end. That instant of bliss, of love, of ecstacy that should last forever.

Rain, rain go away, but please! Please come back another day.

Sharanya said...

I love my room too!! two and a half years..:) First room i;ve had to myself and only one taht i am so attached to!
And i love the rain too! :)
I hope your room in the new place is as good or at least passable...
I like this post Kristofer! :) it made me smile.