Monday, 22 December 2008

3ww: Hesitate, Jealous, Neglect

come closer, i need to whisper,
come on, don't be shy,
don't hesitate.

there's a blue sky above,
the wind cools our senses.
its kisses and caresses our little world,
yes, we are little..all of us.

we neglect necessity,
we fight, we love, we care, we don't,
we think we are better,
we think we are greater.
but we are little, and these are unnecessary emotions.
too many sordid deeds have been committed,
too many tears shed. enough is enough.

and someday we will be jealous,
you will be jealous, i will be jealous,
of the world we imagined,
of an imaginary community,
of an imaginary life.
mark my words,
we will be left with imagination and we will be jealous,
of not having it in reality.
it is meant to happen..

Prompted by 3ww