Saturday, 12 December 2009


burn my skin,
burn my hair,
burn through my clothes,
and do it again.

Monday, 23 November 2009


i atleast know you
i have your phone number
i know where you live
i know where you work
i know your smiles
i know your tears
i know your email id
i know its real and not fake
i know that there's a warm-fuzzy feeling at the bottom of my heart when you call me
i know you'll put me to sleep with silly stories
i know you'll cuddle me when i am in pain
i know you'll be there, just a phone call away,
but for how long can i hold you on that string?
i know you don't want to leave
i know i don't want to leave

i know who hates you
i know i love you
i know you love me
i know.. or maybe not :)

Thursday, 12 November 2009



ctrl + P



Tuesday, 3 November 2009

i am back

rain again.
reminds me of a time when we were so free that riding half way around the city in thunder storms were the best thing that happened to us.
of when pakodas and chai were the only meal on a rainy day. sometimes just a cigarette and laughter.

we just sat around those days. nothing tangible to talk about. nothing to do. just sit around and talk to each other about something, anything.

and now, looking back, those were the best days.


it rains today. life has changed so much.


oh how i is loving the rain :)


"i'm siiiinging in the rain"


time goes by. seconds slow down. music plays throughout.


pitter patter of rain in my ear and i just want to sit around and do nothing. i want to relive a few seconds from a different time.


bangalore, i love you. :)


i am sorry i have not been updating the blog. if you are waiting, i am back.


Wednesday, 1 July 2009

My status msg: TALK random; the outcome

July 01, 2009

BB: ???????

me: ya, no one s talking
so something random also would be nice

BB: to you?
wat makes u say tat?

me: i mean, everyone is silent
just generally
everyone needs some random talk once in a hwile

BB: okay
go ahead

me: so did u see the colour of the sky today?

BB: yes
i love the blue
as a child
i used to think
if i could flip it
and then dive into it

me: wow
that would a good plan
then the clouds would be the fishes and the stars would be??

BB: flowers
yellow ones

me: oh, yes yes
so we need some birds also..
the sunlight

BB: sun light would be like tat one foot lonely paths
me: ohhh yes yes

BB: just wen you wanted to take a lonely walk

me: ehhh wait wait

BB: okay

me: it would be a lonely swim in the flipped sky with the cloud fishes and star flowers

BB: oh yea
those rocky bottoms with caves
those are the sun lights

me: ohhh
yes yes
and the rain is?

BB: music
just keep you ears close to the top layer

me: ahhh, yes i agree
what will we do for food?
and sleep?

BB: it will be air for food
and sleeps
we will float

me: hmm
i like this place already
so when do we go?

BB: today
we our eyes are droopy
wen mind go blank
wen you need fantacy to fake talk
tats the day
tats the minute

me: good, ill pack some swim wear
(and putting this chat up on my blog)

BB: he he he
you could
i am gonna be wearing
my denim and white shirt

me: ohh yes yes
but u see i cant swim
so i am gonna wear swim wear
cos in the sky i can swim :)

BB: here all can swim
you feel light
you feel elevated
never drown
cause you don't dream there

me: yea, so only i have to wear swim wear :) otherwise when will i get the chance to wear it?

BB: only the weight of dreams can drown you
anything is good here

me: :) good
now we have a plan

BB: yes
a pla in the blues
blue is a promise
a promise
of the day

me: and the fishes and the flowers and the caves and the food and the bed

BB: yes
so i'm gonna call
it the food
air roast

me: and the bed- hope floats

BB: yes
nothing or none can pull you down
everything floats
music makes all out there beautiful with a lil blush
a pink on the cheek

me: and a smile to wrinkle the cheeks :)

BB: yes
high spirited
light hearted
you will forget how to cry

me: and no questions to answer

BB: yes
just chase you desire/ heart
no check posts
no mirrirs

me: no traffic :P

BB: you don see your reflection
you don judge yourself
truth is the moment

me: and the sky is the water

BB: and the tree are the shadows
upside down

me: the trees are the sky now

BB: yes
probably they are clouds in the new sky

9 minutes

me: listen to the song called blue

6 minutes

BB: okay
listen to rains
so how did ya like your random conversation?

me: WAS GOOD :)

BB: he he he
i'm a dreamer

me: we all are at some point

BB: bye
meant off from chat

me: haha
yes yes

BB: tatas

47 minutes later, words were formed


me: nice

3ww: Fickle, Sparkle, Wrinkle

the closer i get you, the more fickle does my mind get,
the door to you is half open,
i want to stop nudging when i am near you,
yet, i want to force open the door to your heart.
you keep me yearning, yet wanting to let go,
your skin, your inviting eyes, doesn't let me stop,
i want more of the sparkle in your soul,
more of your smile, more of your voice.
i am filled with thoughts of you,
of wanting you closer,
closer still, so i can kiss the wrinkle your eyes form when you smile,
closer still, so you can hear my heart racing for you.

come closer.....closer still...this game is getting old..

Monday, 18 May 2009


smell of stale cigarettes,
a tooth ache that kills,
puddles of water at my feet,
clouds moving slowly,
every colour seems brighter,
even black.

birds drying their feathers,
unrecorded thoughts,
slow breathes, deep breathes,
tooth ache still alive,
sounds of water exiting a building,
the after glow of rain,
stillness of trees,
echos of silence.

i am thinking of secrets,
of whispers in someone's ear,
of kisses in between,
of a smile and the successive blush.
....a pause to remember,
to feel the rain,
a kiss to remember, a touch to cherish.
sounds to hear,
music to make,
sights that could bring tears.
rain brings joy,
it brings everything.

rain. bliss.

-18 may 09

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Poetry for thought

title: ((untitled))

he dug through the air between his fingers and my shoulder,
pulled out the agony and drowned it into a mug of salt water.
the pain peaked while he did this act,
"thirty times more" he said.
i moaned a little, the pain was at its peak again,
he continued to dig, and drown.
i asked him to stop, when i felt the pain had lost its intensity,
the pain existed nonetheless.
i put my head on the pillow,
while he continued the process from a few feet away.
sleep consumed,
dreams took over, poetry was formed.


Wednesday, 1 April 2009

maddening silence


how can one want 2 people at the same time?


what to do?


its amazing how we can feel by just thinking of a person. and its harder still when we experience 2 completely different and amazing emotions caused by 2 very different people.


its harder still when we can't do much for any of the emotions felt. when the other people's lives are entangled with other people's lives, we are left wondering which one to choose, which one to approach, which one to show the courage that has been built up over the time...more over which one to be madly in love with.


its harder still not to know what to do...


its harder still to stop thinking of them, each one individually.


its harder still to stop talking about these emotions. especially when these emotions are the ones that elate us to a height we haven't soared to in a while. especially when we know that there is a REMOTE chance for this or that to work. however small the chances might be, its harder to stop hope from floating.


its harder still to move on. to ignore these emotions!


Tuesday, 31 March 2009


things to do when you are in a psy-ko-tic/bizzare mood:

*stare at facebook, gtalk, gmail, orkut, twitter etc.

*go through wall posts that are a year older than today's date

*write on people's walls who are just a phone call away

*write loser on these people's walls

*write irrelevant things on people's walls

*chat with person sitting next to you, on gtalk

*change status messages on facebook and gtalk

*bring the BAR to bar-ista

*try chatting in funny accents with people, of course it makes no difference considering someone is reading them and not listening to you, but do it nonetheless

*hyphenate words for no reason whatsoever

*hyphenate words for dramatic teenage tone and pause implications

*apostrophe words for no reason whatsoever

*apostrophe words for dramatic pronounciation implications

*apostrophe OR hyphenate words for dramatic accent implications

*wake up early and do nothing

*google search bizzare, you will be amazed with the search results, or not

*google search psy-ko-tic, you will be amazed with the search results, or not

*don't click on any of the results of the above searches

*talk to yourself, really loudly

*laugh. just laugh my ma'n!

*play the piano, an imaginary one

*sing "i'm co-lour blind, i jhust caaan't deny zis pheelinggg"

*sing other songs with thick indian accents

*ask the auto driver if you can drive. if he says no, ask him again. if you still receive a no as an answer, get off and don't pay the ma'n!

*just be bizzare

*just be psy-ko-tic






Wednesday, 25 March 2009

sunday scribblings: i come from

i see the earth so clearly now,
the winds carry my soul to her,
the clouds bursting with joy,
enveloping the silence in.
the rush of the wind seeps through,
the soul of the clouds swallow the silver lining,
the earth sprouts new life,
the trees sway in joy.
smiles everywhere,
laughter and joy aloud,
love is in the air,
and i soar above it all.
seconds go by like minutes,
clouds are impatient,
the winds play a while,
the sky is almost black.
i take my time to reach the beginning,
i watch and smile to myself,
the winds, the clouds, the earth,
they wait for my rein.
i kiss the sky hello,
i caress the wind,
the clouds let go,
sweet kisses i rain on the earth.
the winds speed,
the clouds laugh,
the earth slips into my world,
i am the rain.

i am the rain,
i come from the heavens,
i rain on you,
and i will never stop.

i bring joy, i bring tears,
i bring the storm,
and i bring the calm,
i am the rain, i come from the heavens.

i am the rain,
this moment you will never forget,
when elements join hands,
when everything spills emotions unknown.

i am the rain,
i come to you and drag you to me,
the time is here, for us to be together,
for us to make love, for our souls to be one.

i am the rain,
i bring heaven to you.

-Prompted by: Sunday Scribblings

Monday, 9 March 2009

its time

the summer is taking a break today. cloudy skies envelope our little world.

the winds carry songs and laughter. the rain is coming. a little surprise for our heated bodies.
a well appreciated surprise. who cares what tomorrow is going to feel like.

today it will rain. if not, these winds and clouds soothe the heart.

i love the rains and all that it brings along!

"come into my arms,
let me hold you for eternity.
drops, drops, drops......come,
its time....i have missed you."

Friday, 6 March 2009

more life

conversations can lead to so many places. so many streets, so many towns and so many thoughts.
friendships have been lost. memories survive. and that hurts more. the memories have a full stop now. no new paragraphs to be formed, no new commas to be added.

i am left in my room, contemplating, wondering where did it all go wrong. why didn't we fix it. in moments of breakdown the decisions we make seem apt. right. and now, it seems all wrong and worthless. maybe.

relationships fuel us. our hopes, our dislikes, our love, our hate, our whole self.
i wouldn't know what to do without them.
dysfunctional or otherwise, we need them. addictive or not we need them.

now, i can hear myself saying...those were the days.
when life seemed a little easier due to the people. now, its different.
new lives, new people, new emotions, new hope, new friendships, new love, new hate. but never the same.

Tuesday, 3 March 2009


relationships are complicated. romantic or otherwise.
we strive hard to keep them alive. new places to meet. remember the old places. talk for hours. be silent for longer.

i have had the best people to have come into my life. smart, talented, loving, caring, harsh when needed, opinionated. but, they still made/make an impact on my everyday life. many have been lost over the years. more forgotten. many more who have grown. many more i can't recognize anymore!

we all grew up, grew apart, grew closer. we will continue this rhyme for many years to come.

weddings to be planned, children to be welcomed. smiles, tears and much more to be done.

there are however some relationships, that become an addiction. you think you have let go, but u haven't. the real moment of letting go actually happens much later than the actual incident. and when you think you have let go, the other person hasn't. this is the thread that keeps the relationship going. suddenly, the moment comes when he/she decides to let go. just a small decision can change everything. and you realize that you never really let go, you held on to the other person's inability to let go. now, both of us are back to fighting emotions, logic and many more things to survive. to let go.

we all let go, of everyone, everything. some day we have to. but the beauty of human life is, we will never forget. never forget how we felt in those moments. how that laughter sounded. how that first kiss felt. how our cigarettes burned out while we were busy talking. we will never forget. we haven't forgotten. as time goes by, we will remember the tiny details, the colour of the sky, the coffee, the road, the rains. and we will smile, and say "those were the days my friend".

i can't wait to meet new people, make new friends, new romances. just to relive all the emotions, to survive. to love, to live.

Friday, 20 February 2009

sunday scribblings: trust

Title: rewind

the piano plays,
our hands touch.
the ocean softens,
the symphony of sounds is beautiful.
our fingers seep through the sand,
our toes step into the sea.
our lips touch,
its magic.
our hands touch,
rough with sand morsels.
we kiss, can't stop now,
my anklets sing.
the cool water is upto our knees now,
too far from the sand.
we fall, free fall into the water,
our hands still together, our lips too.
underwater, a little deeper,
our hands still together, our lips too.
we sway with the water,
our hands still together, our lips too.
our feet tangled around each other,
our hands still together, our lips too.

i let go, i stop,
that's enough.
i stand up, with water almost to my neck,
i pull closer to the ear, our fingers touch.
"i don't trust you," i say,
i walk away.
sand at my feet,
water trickles down my neck.
our hands still together, our lips too,
but its just a dream, and the piano plays on.

--Prompted by:

trafiic signal

usually people are off even before the traffic light can go yellow. this is how it is here, especially when the route is a regular one, we know when its time to start moving.

however, today the mad rush/battle was slowed down. our ever lazy traffic cop was busy advising a beggar lady. i was too far away to hear what the man was saying, but i did watch him and he made hand signs depicting eating, and pointing to a direction to my right. i assume he was saying go there and they will give you food. the lady stood there, hands folded, begging him to let her beg!
our man, doesn't let her move, and when she tries to escape his worthy advice, he jumps across and doesn't let her move!! the front section of motorists, including me were giggling away to glory, while i saw a bike zip past me on my right, i look up, the light is green. that was the first time i have seen traffic move promptly at a green light! i glance towards my left to see the beggar run for her life, while the cop is screaming after her. he begins walking across the road, while mumbling to himself!

Monday, 19 January 2009

poetry for thought: first poem for 09

title: so soft and exciting

jack in my ears,
songs so soft and perfect.
chaos in the mind,
so soft and thoughtless.
tears in my eyes,
so soft and waiting.
love in my soul,
so soft and screaming.
craving in my words,
so soft and loud.
sleep in my fingers,
so soft and short of words.
dreams in my feet,
so soft and inaccessible.
kisses on my toes,
so soft and dreamy.
lies in conversations,
so soft and deceiving.
death in poetry,
so soft and compelling.
death in memories,
so soft and nauseating.
death in photographs,
so soft and tearful.
death in reality,
so soft and agonizing.
death, death, death,
so real, yet unreal.

-19th Jan 2009

Friday, 16 January 2009


by: William Cullen Bryant (1794-1878)

OW shall I know thee in the sphere which keeps
The disembodied spirits of the dead,
When all of thee that time could wither sleeps
And perishes among the dust we tread?

For I shall feel the sting of ceaseless pain
If there I meet thy gentle presence not;
Nor hear the voice I love, nor read again
In thy serenest eyes the tender thought.

Will not thy own meek heart demand me there?
That heart whose fondest throbs to me were given --
My name on earth was ever in thy prayer,
And wilt thou never utter it in heaven?

In meadows fanned by heaven's life-breathing wind,
In the resplendence of that glorious sphere,
And larger movements of the unfettered mind,
Wilt thou forget the love that joined us here?

The love that lived through all the stormy past,
And meekly with my harsher nature bore,
And deeper grew, and tenderer to the last,
Shall it expire with life, and be no more?

A happier lot than mine, and larger light,
Await thee there, for thou hast bowed thy will
In cheerful homage to the rule of right,
And lovest all, and renderest good for ill.

For me, the sordid cares in which I dwell
Shrink and consume my heart as heat the scroll;
And wrath has left its scar--that fire of hell
Has left its frightful scar upon my soul.

Yet, though thou wear'st the glory of the sky,
Wilt thou not keep the same belov├Ęd name,
The same fair thoughtful brow, and gentle eye,
Lovelier in heaven's sweet climate, yet the same?

Shalt thou not teach me, in that calmer home,
The wisdom that I learned so ill in this--
The wisdom which is love--till I become
Thy fit companion in that land of bliss?

Monday, 5 January 2009

its all gone.
all hopes, everything is gone.
back to basics as they say...