Friday, 20 February 2009

sunday scribblings: trust

Title: rewind

the piano plays,
our hands touch.
the ocean softens,
the symphony of sounds is beautiful.
our fingers seep through the sand,
our toes step into the sea.
our lips touch,
its magic.
our hands touch,
rough with sand morsels.
we kiss, can't stop now,
my anklets sing.
the cool water is upto our knees now,
too far from the sand.
we fall, free fall into the water,
our hands still together, our lips too.
underwater, a little deeper,
our hands still together, our lips too.
we sway with the water,
our hands still together, our lips too.
our feet tangled around each other,
our hands still together, our lips too.

i let go, i stop,
that's enough.
i stand up, with water almost to my neck,
i pull closer to the ear, our fingers touch.
"i don't trust you," i say,
i walk away.
sand at my feet,
water trickles down my neck.
our hands still together, our lips too,
but its just a dream, and the piano plays on.

--Prompted by:

trafiic signal

usually people are off even before the traffic light can go yellow. this is how it is here, especially when the route is a regular one, we know when its time to start moving.

however, today the mad rush/battle was slowed down. our ever lazy traffic cop was busy advising a beggar lady. i was too far away to hear what the man was saying, but i did watch him and he made hand signs depicting eating, and pointing to a direction to my right. i assume he was saying go there and they will give you food. the lady stood there, hands folded, begging him to let her beg!
our man, doesn't let her move, and when she tries to escape his worthy advice, he jumps across and doesn't let her move!! the front section of motorists, including me were giggling away to glory, while i saw a bike zip past me on my right, i look up, the light is green. that was the first time i have seen traffic move promptly at a green light! i glance towards my left to see the beggar run for her life, while the cop is screaming after her. he begins walking across the road, while mumbling to himself!