Tuesday, 31 March 2009


things to do when you are in a psy-ko-tic/bizzare mood:

*stare at facebook, gtalk, gmail, orkut, twitter etc.

*go through wall posts that are a year older than today's date

*write on people's walls who are just a phone call away

*write loser on these people's walls

*write irrelevant things on people's walls

*chat with person sitting next to you, on gtalk

*change status messages on facebook and gtalk

*bring the BAR to bar-ista

*try chatting in funny accents with people, of course it makes no difference considering someone is reading them and not listening to you, but do it nonetheless

*hyphenate words for no reason whatsoever

*hyphenate words for dramatic teenage tone and pause implications

*apostrophe words for no reason whatsoever

*apostrophe words for dramatic pronounciation implications

*apostrophe OR hyphenate words for dramatic accent implications

*wake up early and do nothing

*google search bizzare, you will be amazed with the search results, or not

*google search psy-ko-tic, you will be amazed with the search results, or not

*don't click on any of the results of the above searches

*talk to yourself, really loudly

*laugh. just laugh my ma'n!

*play the piano, an imaginary one

*sing "i'm co-lour blind, i jhust caaan't deny zis pheelinggg"

*sing other songs with thick indian accents

*ask the auto driver if you can drive. if he says no, ask him again. if you still receive a no as an answer, get off and don't pay the ma'n!

*just be bizzare

*just be psy-ko-tic






Wednesday, 25 March 2009

sunday scribblings: i come from

i see the earth so clearly now,
the winds carry my soul to her,
the clouds bursting with joy,
enveloping the silence in.
the rush of the wind seeps through,
the soul of the clouds swallow the silver lining,
the earth sprouts new life,
the trees sway in joy.
smiles everywhere,
laughter and joy aloud,
love is in the air,
and i soar above it all.
seconds go by like minutes,
clouds are impatient,
the winds play a while,
the sky is almost black.
i take my time to reach the beginning,
i watch and smile to myself,
the winds, the clouds, the earth,
they wait for my rein.
i kiss the sky hello,
i caress the wind,
the clouds let go,
sweet kisses i rain on the earth.
the winds speed,
the clouds laugh,
the earth slips into my world,
i am the rain.

i am the rain,
i come from the heavens,
i rain on you,
and i will never stop.

i bring joy, i bring tears,
i bring the storm,
and i bring the calm,
i am the rain, i come from the heavens.

i am the rain,
this moment you will never forget,
when elements join hands,
when everything spills emotions unknown.

i am the rain,
i come to you and drag you to me,
the time is here, for us to be together,
for us to make love, for our souls to be one.

i am the rain,
i bring heaven to you.

-Prompted by: Sunday Scribblings

Monday, 9 March 2009

its time

the summer is taking a break today. cloudy skies envelope our little world.

the winds carry songs and laughter. the rain is coming. a little surprise for our heated bodies.
a well appreciated surprise. who cares what tomorrow is going to feel like.

today it will rain. if not, these winds and clouds soothe the heart.

i love the rains and all that it brings along!

"come into my arms,
let me hold you for eternity.
drops, drops, drops......come,
its time....i have missed you."

Friday, 6 March 2009

more life

conversations can lead to so many places. so many streets, so many towns and so many thoughts.
friendships have been lost. memories survive. and that hurts more. the memories have a full stop now. no new paragraphs to be formed, no new commas to be added.

i am left in my room, contemplating, wondering where did it all go wrong. why didn't we fix it. in moments of breakdown the decisions we make seem apt. right. and now, it seems all wrong and worthless. maybe.

relationships fuel us. our hopes, our dislikes, our love, our hate, our whole self.
i wouldn't know what to do without them.
dysfunctional or otherwise, we need them. addictive or not we need them.

now, i can hear myself saying...those were the days.
when life seemed a little easier due to the people. now, its different.
new lives, new people, new emotions, new hope, new friendships, new love, new hate. but never the same.

Tuesday, 3 March 2009


relationships are complicated. romantic or otherwise.
we strive hard to keep them alive. new places to meet. remember the old places. talk for hours. be silent for longer.

i have had the best people to have come into my life. smart, talented, loving, caring, harsh when needed, opinionated. but, they still made/make an impact on my everyday life. many have been lost over the years. more forgotten. many more who have grown. many more i can't recognize anymore!

we all grew up, grew apart, grew closer. we will continue this rhyme for many years to come.

weddings to be planned, children to be welcomed. smiles, tears and much more to be done.

there are however some relationships, that become an addiction. you think you have let go, but u haven't. the real moment of letting go actually happens much later than the actual incident. and when you think you have let go, the other person hasn't. this is the thread that keeps the relationship going. suddenly, the moment comes when he/she decides to let go. just a small decision can change everything. and you realize that you never really let go, you held on to the other person's inability to let go. now, both of us are back to fighting emotions, logic and many more things to survive. to let go.

we all let go, of everyone, everything. some day we have to. but the beauty of human life is, we will never forget. never forget how we felt in those moments. how that laughter sounded. how that first kiss felt. how our cigarettes burned out while we were busy talking. we will never forget. we haven't forgotten. as time goes by, we will remember the tiny details, the colour of the sky, the coffee, the road, the rains. and we will smile, and say "those were the days my friend".

i can't wait to meet new people, make new friends, new romances. just to relive all the emotions, to survive. to love, to live.