Wednesday, 1 July 2009

My status msg: TALK random; the outcome

July 01, 2009

BB: ???????

me: ya, no one s talking
so something random also would be nice

BB: to you?
wat makes u say tat?

me: i mean, everyone is silent
just generally
everyone needs some random talk once in a hwile

BB: okay
go ahead

me: so did u see the colour of the sky today?

BB: yes
i love the blue
as a child
i used to think
if i could flip it
and then dive into it

me: wow
that would a good plan
then the clouds would be the fishes and the stars would be??

BB: flowers
yellow ones

me: oh, yes yes
so we need some birds also..
the sunlight

BB: sun light would be like tat one foot lonely paths
me: ohhh yes yes

BB: just wen you wanted to take a lonely walk

me: ehhh wait wait

BB: okay

me: it would be a lonely swim in the flipped sky with the cloud fishes and star flowers

BB: oh yea
those rocky bottoms with caves
those are the sun lights

me: ohhh
yes yes
and the rain is?

BB: music
just keep you ears close to the top layer

me: ahhh, yes i agree
what will we do for food?
and sleep?

BB: it will be air for food
and sleeps
we will float

me: hmm
i like this place already
so when do we go?

BB: today
we our eyes are droopy
wen mind go blank
wen you need fantacy to fake talk
tats the day
tats the minute

me: good, ill pack some swim wear
(and putting this chat up on my blog)

BB: he he he
you could
i am gonna be wearing
my denim and white shirt

me: ohh yes yes
but u see i cant swim
so i am gonna wear swim wear
cos in the sky i can swim :)

BB: here all can swim
you feel light
you feel elevated
never drown
cause you don't dream there

me: yea, so only i have to wear swim wear :) otherwise when will i get the chance to wear it?

BB: only the weight of dreams can drown you
anything is good here

me: :) good
now we have a plan

BB: yes
a pla in the blues
blue is a promise
a promise
of the day

me: and the fishes and the flowers and the caves and the food and the bed

BB: yes
so i'm gonna call
it the food
air roast

me: and the bed- hope floats

BB: yes
nothing or none can pull you down
everything floats
music makes all out there beautiful with a lil blush
a pink on the cheek

me: and a smile to wrinkle the cheeks :)

BB: yes
high spirited
light hearted
you will forget how to cry

me: and no questions to answer

BB: yes
just chase you desire/ heart
no check posts
no mirrirs

me: no traffic :P

BB: you don see your reflection
you don judge yourself
truth is the moment

me: and the sky is the water

BB: and the tree are the shadows
upside down

me: the trees are the sky now

BB: yes
probably they are clouds in the new sky

9 minutes

me: listen to the song called blue

6 minutes

BB: okay
listen to rains
so how did ya like your random conversation?

me: WAS GOOD :)

BB: he he he
i'm a dreamer

me: we all are at some point

BB: bye
meant off from chat

me: haha
yes yes

BB: tatas

47 minutes later, words were formed


me: nice

3ww: Fickle, Sparkle, Wrinkle

the closer i get you, the more fickle does my mind get,
the door to you is half open,
i want to stop nudging when i am near you,
yet, i want to force open the door to your heart.
you keep me yearning, yet wanting to let go,
your skin, your inviting eyes, doesn't let me stop,
i want more of the sparkle in your soul,
more of your smile, more of your voice.
i am filled with thoughts of you,
of wanting you closer,
closer still, so i can kiss the wrinkle your eyes form when you smile,
closer still, so you can hear my heart racing for you.

come closer.....closer still...this game is getting old..