Monday, 23 November 2009


i atleast know you
i have your phone number
i know where you live
i know where you work
i know your smiles
i know your tears
i know your email id
i know its real and not fake
i know that there's a warm-fuzzy feeling at the bottom of my heart when you call me
i know you'll put me to sleep with silly stories
i know you'll cuddle me when i am in pain
i know you'll be there, just a phone call away,
but for how long can i hold you on that string?
i know you don't want to leave
i know i don't want to leave

i know who hates you
i know i love you
i know you love me
i know.. or maybe not :)

Thursday, 12 November 2009



ctrl + P



Tuesday, 3 November 2009

i am back

rain again.
reminds me of a time when we were so free that riding half way around the city in thunder storms were the best thing that happened to us.
of when pakodas and chai were the only meal on a rainy day. sometimes just a cigarette and laughter.

we just sat around those days. nothing tangible to talk about. nothing to do. just sit around and talk to each other about something, anything.

and now, looking back, those were the best days.


it rains today. life has changed so much.


oh how i is loving the rain :)


"i'm siiiinging in the rain"


time goes by. seconds slow down. music plays throughout.


pitter patter of rain in my ear and i just want to sit around and do nothing. i want to relive a few seconds from a different time.


bangalore, i love you. :)


i am sorry i have not been updating the blog. if you are waiting, i am back.