Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Poetry for Thought

Title: Musically challenged.
Your eyes upon me, I feel like an ice cube in the sun.
The world seems unworthy when I am around you.
You make me feel like I am in a bubble with just you.
All the sounds are just a haze.
My knees go weak.
Time stands still.
I lose my ground.
Stop encouraging me.
Tell your eyes not to look at me.
The world seems never ending in your eyes.
Glittering with joy, inquisitive, leading me on.
Tell those lips not to smile at me.
We kiss and I want to fall apart into your arms.
Your breath, your lips, your tongue playing games with me.
My fingers yearn to undress you slowly, under a starry sky.
Time stops when our eyes meet.
Your gaze lingers on my skin when you walk away.
You make me want to serenade you,
But around you, I feel musically challenged.

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

poetry for thought

title: inspiration..... ?

and then it starts again,
words don't find mediums,
kisses don't find lips,
hands don't touch.

head spins,
rains stop,
clarity is blurred,
inspiration..... ?

fly away,
swim away,
try. try.

still life,
typing, typing,
where are the conversations?

i want a flood,
a hurricane maybe,
tempest as they used to say,
inspiration..... ?

boo. hoo.
its a standstill.

clarity, maybe,
and then life takes over..

Sunday, 25 April 2010

you and me

hey you,

how are you? its been a while..hope all is good at your end.
i miss you so very much. suddenly feel so very lost.
i never was as close as want/ed to be, yet i feel so very lost without you.
without your whispers, without you.

there was a hail storm today. and i thought of you, it was a purple sky at the storm's end.

how is she? and is he planning to be married soon?
are you.....?

i want to hug you. hold you for a while.
kiss your neck, your lips.

you are there and i am here.

have you heard this song? i can't stop playing it over and over again...
"and i can barely look at you, and every single time i do, i know that i can make it any where away from here"

do you ever think of me? am i just a moment that has already passed you by?

i miss you.
i really do.
"to think i might not see those eyes, makes it so hard not to cry, and as we say our long goodbyes, i nearly do"

i did. the day you said you were leaving i did. i did when u held me.
i did when you spoke to me, i do.. i sometimes still do..

i do miss you. i know i have already said it. but saying it over and over might make you listen...maybe.

do you even listen to me? most of the time i am just a background score.
just a passing moment.

i wish you could see the night sky from my window.
its purple sometimes.. your favourite colour.


Wednesday, 31 March 2010

new, maybe

heart break season it seems to be.
it rains. drizzles. green.
clock ticks.
time stops.
the room stays still.
looks the same, smells the same.
yet everything is different.
not new, but different.
feels like the blood from the body is slowly being drained.
mind slips away.
another day, not new, but different.
its all the same, but the heart feels heavier.
forgotten the way out.
just a routine, just a moment, just..

you and me.
me and you.
what do we do?