Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Poetry for Thought

Title: Musically challenged.
Your eyes upon me, I feel like an ice cube in the sun.
The world seems unworthy when I am around you.
You make me feel like I am in a bubble with just you.
All the sounds are just a haze.
My knees go weak.
Time stands still.
I lose my ground.
Stop encouraging me.
Tell your eyes not to look at me.
The world seems never ending in your eyes.
Glittering with joy, inquisitive, leading me on.
Tell those lips not to smile at me.
We kiss and I want to fall apart into your arms.
Your breath, your lips, your tongue playing games with me.
My fingers yearn to undress you slowly, under a starry sky.
Time stops when our eyes meet.
Your gaze lingers on my skin when you walk away.
You make me want to serenade you,
But around you, I feel musically challenged.