Wednesday, 22 February 2012

poetry for thought

title: split

my dearest,
i have not written in a while,
but it seems to me that this may be a verse,
or maybe just words.
who knows what you hold in your heart,
who knows of the future that may change,
four lines,
with a comma.
at the end of which a full stop,
a period; as some say,
maybe ill include an exclamation,
just to scream out your name!
music fills the spaces,
monotony of a day that i do not adore,
men and women i cannot have,
those are the spaces i haven't yet filled.
my dearest,
find your heart soon,
hold it close, kiss and hug it,
for it maybe the only one you find.
i miss you,
and i dream of you, of your lips,
when i might kiss them again,
and i have written now.
written at your demand,
not knowing what i typed,
all i know is that this reached you,
all i know is that you may feel.
tell me your secrets,
spill out your deepest desires,
or maybe share silence with me,
but just let me in on your plans.
my dearest,
here you have my words to you,
split all over, at random,
what have you to say to me??

feb 22, 2012