Monday, 13 October 2014


That one line,
it just replays,
over and over,
and i flinch,
shake my head,
and continue to type.
and then it creeps up on me,
like the darkness when you close your eyes,
inevitable yet comforting,
yet dark,
i flinch, shake my head
and continue to type.

click, click, click,
legs shaking,
stop creeping up on me,
flinch, squint, blink,
head shaking side to side,
i need to type.
music lets me drift,
but the pause between songs
helps the safe passage of
that one line,
that one line, half a sentence,
and i flinch, blink and squint.


Friday, 10 October 2014

3ww: Week 396 (Writing Prompt): Arrogant, Crude, Supple

Hello World,

Slowly reviving this blog, I hope this is a good start.
Writing prompt from my favourite blog: Three Word Wednesday

Title: We need each other

you, yes you,
in the shades of my endless mind,
you need a cure.

crude versions of you
open the doors
that should remain shut.

yes, shut,
not closed, but shut,
not unopened, but shut.

you think i am arrogant,
yes, you do,
for not laughing at your jokes.

for not crying enough,
for not saying enough,
but, don't you know nothing is enough?

tried and tested,
now i am tired,
crass and filthy.

loud and unhappy,
dreamy and frittering away,
and just plain stagnant.

but you, the awkward
yet supple you,
i need your screams.

maybe this insanity
is sanity,
just you and me.

your versions,
against mine,
limitless possibilities, you see.

but today, today,
i want to shut you out,
and make merry.

just for today,
we can.