Thursday, 15 December 2016

2016 rant

Words are shouting, poems are whispering in my ear and stories are waiting to be told, impatiently.
So here I am just trying to do a traditional blog post after a long time, maybe it is just a rant as well.

Well, considering it is the end of 2016, let’s talk about the year that went by, shall we?

What ended and started as a tough year, has now come to a sort of neutral space. My heart and brain was all over the place, last week too! Love found, love lost, new discoveries have happened, which is a good thing, one year is a long time no? some changes are welcome, some not so much..

Though I am hopeful for the next year, as I was for this year.

One thing that I really want to work on is cutting people off or finding better boundaries for people. Let’s face it, I am too nice, I don’t say goodbyes well and that brings a whole lot of other drama that I don’t need. So, cut off when needed and draw lines when needed and stick to them! We all have too much going on and we need to recognize that someone is negative and we need to say goodbye. It is going to hurt, confuse and leave you lonely, but but but but… it will also give you peace and allow you to find that positivity is goes missing along the way.

I really really want to start focusing on music. In whatever way, go to more gigs, discover more music, hang out with musicians and whatever else I can do to stay connected!

Definitely MORE WRITING!! I am going to write more, this is the most important thing right now!

For now this rant ends…. But I want to hear from you!

What did you learn? Or unlearn? Tell me your story? :)

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Poetry for Thought

Trying to put together a thought process, TRYING. might have failed, you are welcome to help me articulate :)

Title: Friendly

I don’t want to fall head first in love,
Why can’t we start with being friends?

Did you love your friend the day you met them?
That intense deep love.
No; it took you years to say I love you.

So, I want to be friends,
Maybe we can kiss,
Maybe we can get naked,
But I don’t want to love you.

Not instantly,
Not head over heels,
Losing myself suddenly.

Years would pass,
And then we’d be friends,
And then you’d meet the real me,
And fall in love again.

Why won’t you meet me now?
And let me meet you?
Why jump, when we can walk a bit longer.

Let’s get to know each other,
And then love will come easily.

Leave that “in love” at the door,
And let’s be friends.

Do you want to get flirty and friendly with me?

Friday, 28 October 2016


Might have looked at it too many times.
I have stopped now,
But it comes raging back.
As memories sometimes,
And other times as a hope for the future.
Maybe we will have more pictures,
Maybe we won’t take pictures at all.

Was it a declaration of love
Or a social obligation?

How does one disconnect in this connected world?