Tuesday, 9 February 2016

3ww: Week 465 (Writing Prompt): Tearful, Unsteady, Abrasive

It seems I always run back to Three Word Wednesday when I begin to revive this blog. So here is this week's writing prompt.

Title: Abrasive

You are abrasive,
Your words dance between lullabies
And, and….abrasive.
You are unsteady,
You make me feel loved
And hated all at once.
How do you do that?
Make me feel safe yet vulnerable.
Words do not make sense,
But the word abrasive fits
Like a glove.
I stand in front of you,
You look at me and
I cannot stop the tears.
You make me tearful and
I lose my ground.
How do you do that?
Make me feel strong yet so weak.
Like a glove it fits,
That word, that one word
Slips between us and stays.

We are abrasive,
Our legs unsteady and
Our hearts tearful.
How do you do that?
Make it real when it isn’t.
How do you do that?
Makes our hearts scream and not our mouths.

Feb. 9, 2016