Friday, 22 July 2016


I remember the day I was in the bus; coming to get you from the airport. It had been a good couple of days and I missed you like crazy. And I played this song over and over again because I wanted to sing it to you. I wanted it to be perfect. I was so happy, so nervous to see you after so long and the song just made the ride easier.

And now YouTube plays it as a suggested song and I wonder if I would feel that way again.

And now you have some else singing you songs that I only listened to on my way to the airport.

And now I have someone else singing me songs that you...well, you didn't sing that much...

Wednesday, 20 July 2016


days like these when the body doesn't fit the mind,
and the mind doesn't fit the soul,
and the soul doesn't fit me,

days like these are meant to be spent in bed,
with fingers in my hair and stories in my ear.

Where are you?

Only the wind sweeps across cold floors
and lonely strands.