Thursday, 15 December 2016

2016 rant

Words are shouting, poems are whispering in my ear and stories are waiting to be told, impatiently.
So here I am just trying to do a traditional blog post after a long time, maybe it is just a rant as well.

Well, considering it is the end of 2016, let’s talk about the year that went by, shall we?

What ended and started as a tough year, has now come to a sort of neutral space. My heart and brain was all over the place, last week too! Love found, love lost, new discoveries have happened, which is a good thing, one year is a long time no? some changes are welcome, some not so much..

Though I am hopeful for the next year, as I was for this year.

One thing that I really want to work on is cutting people off or finding better boundaries for people. Let’s face it, I am too nice, I don’t say goodbyes well and that brings a whole lot of other drama that I don’t need. So, cut off when needed and draw lines when needed and stick to them! We all have too much going on and we need to recognize that someone is negative and we need to say goodbye. It is going to hurt, confuse and leave you lonely, but but but but… it will also give you peace and allow you to find that positivity is goes missing along the way.

I really really want to start focusing on music. In whatever way, go to more gigs, discover more music, hang out with musicians and whatever else I can do to stay connected!

Definitely MORE WRITING!! I am going to write more, this is the most important thing right now!

For now this rant ends…. But I want to hear from you!

What did you learn? Or unlearn? Tell me your story? :)


Romy Skye said...

I learned that you are judged whether you do or you don't, so you may as well do what you want. I learned that I cannot expect people to behave a certain way, no matter how much I want it or how much I see that it will be better.
I unlearned to hold on. I learned to let go.

Shilpa Shenai said...

Looking back, I realize yet again how blessed I am. It was a year of unexpected, chance emotional peaks and troughs. I count my blessings in the opportunities I got to experience the joys even though it sometimes was short lived. I had a messiah come and remind me... Show me a way I've been long contemplating... I realise I don't have as much life experience... That there's so much out there... Why am I such a hermit? And as if I've not already been felt loved and blessed enough, the year is ending with yet another promise for the new year... Perhaps a life-changing one?

OnTheRightSideOfHistory said...

I realised the following, thanks to the turn my life took in 2016:
1) I don't have to come under pressure and do what is expected of me just because everyone else is doing it. I didn't copy them in their wrongs and I won't copy them in their rights (I personally do not believe in right or wrong as it is completely objective but here I mean what is rigth and wrong according to the norms of Indian society *rolls eyes*).
2) I cannot cheer others up (which I usually do) when I am unhappy, no matter how positive I am. I don't know how a lot of them fool themselves into believing that they're okay with something they're not. I can't trick my mind and heart. I'm not going to be 27 again. Every year lost in being someone you're not is a year you've stolen from yourself. I have decided to choose happiness, always.
3) I also realised that I don't need someone to complete me. I was whole, before and if my heart needs any fixing, time and I can take care of that. Life has so much to offer and I just have to focus my time and energy productively. I am going to enjoy the diversity and beauty around me.

Thanks for mentioning music and gigs. Who doesn't love a live band playing, right? I might as well make use of living in the city. 2017 has started right :) hope it has for you too.