Monday, 19 January 2009

poetry for thought: first poem for 09

title: so soft and exciting

jack in my ears,
songs so soft and perfect.
chaos in the mind,
so soft and thoughtless.
tears in my eyes,
so soft and waiting.
love in my soul,
so soft and screaming.
craving in my words,
so soft and loud.
sleep in my fingers,
so soft and short of words.
dreams in my feet,
so soft and inaccessible.
kisses on my toes,
so soft and dreamy.
lies in conversations,
so soft and deceiving.
death in poetry,
so soft and compelling.
death in memories,
so soft and nauseating.
death in photographs,
so soft and tearful.
death in reality,
so soft and agonizing.
death, death, death,
so real, yet unreal.

-19th Jan 2009


Tups said...

Looks like your poetry world started 2009 with an awesome bang, in my opinion.

Rakesh said...

great poetry,

so much clearity of thought .

still a confussion in hidden self

too gud

Romy Skye said...

This goes on my wall in my hostel :)