Tuesday, 10 May 2011


hello world.

so it has been a while.
so i found a lot of good music. made new friends. made new changes.
but the old ones remain the same. no change.
ah. what to do.

anyway. i need to move. soon.
and i remember writing here about not wanting to move last time.
but this time. it. is. desperation.

so people are turning older.
making decisions.
moving on. hopefully.
discovery also happened somewhere.

what is going on?
tell me a story.
something about your day?

did you see a cat?
a lizard?
some one sent you flowers?

ah. ok.
i will update more often. with thoughts.

see you soon.


Tor Hershman said...

Go to YouTube and listen to
Loudin Wainwright III's song "We Gonna Move"

kalyansagar said...

The Future is Teenage :)