Thursday, 9 May 2013

poetry for thought

title: of wine and...?

Red wine,
On your lips.
Where did every one go?
Read me a little,
After sex.
Why don't you kiss me?
Ocean, ocean of love.
Did she speak to you?
Intense bonds.
Do you see where I am going?
A letter,
A sentence.
Did I scar you?
A word,
A kiss, a touch.
Did I scare you?
When you see a star,
I see a world.
Do you see what I mean?
My world and your world are here,
Here where we are.
Do you hear me?
I walk to you,
But, it isn't you.
Dont you see me?
I close my eyes,
And I feel your lips.
Don't you feel it too?
Red wine,
On your lips.
Do we start over, again?

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