Friday, 10 October 2014

3ww: Week 396 (Writing Prompt): Arrogant, Crude, Supple

Hello World,

Slowly reviving this blog, I hope this is a good start.
Writing prompt from my favourite blog: Three Word Wednesday

Title: We need each other

you, yes you,
in the shades of my endless mind,
you need a cure.

crude versions of you
open the doors
that should remain shut.

yes, shut,
not closed, but shut,
not unopened, but shut.

you think i am arrogant,
yes, you do,
for not laughing at your jokes.

for not crying enough,
for not saying enough,
but, don't you know nothing is enough?

tried and tested,
now i am tired,
crass and filthy.

loud and unhappy,
dreamy and frittering away,
and just plain stagnant.

but you, the awkward
yet supple you,
i need your screams.

maybe this insanity
is sanity,
just you and me.

your versions,
against mine,
limitless possibilities, you see.

but today, today,
i want to shut you out,
and make merry.

just for today,
we can.


Anonymous said...

that urge and repetition are nice!

Romy Skye said...

Love it. Love how you feel the conflict and the break.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the form, the repetition, the urgency - all work wonderfully.

Manoj said...

I was arrogant, and thought the girl would swoon,
penned crude messages, while hiding in a cocoon,
Spoke to her in a tavern, and boy did she break my bubble,
My back went supple , but she gave me thoughts to juggle,
Be direct she said, and try a different approach,
I've met a nice girl since, all thanks to you dear coach

Princess Selene said...

@manoj, if you can see this, thank you :)