Tuesday, 9 September 2008


shar bear included me in her new blog, Treble Notes, i am truly honoured i must say :)
thanku shar bear!

the blog is about music, that's the simple explanation.
shar has a very nice way of putting forth the concept:
"I have a new blog!!
I realized that i was writing more and more about songs that i liked on this blog. And its enough to make another blog about exclusively. That one i will update weekly most probably. Pop by and check it out! I promise it'll be worth it and you may find some pretty good music!
The link is www.pridenoprejudice.blogspot.com"

drop by and you can find atleast one song to suit your ears :)


Chaggoholic.... said...

Hey i love that blog. Good u highlighted it again. I shall put it in my follow list....

Sharanya said...

you hads ta be a part of it kristofer! Yeh hads to!

I'm glad yeh liked the blog! Yay! :)