Tuesday, 18 November 2008

sunday scribblings: stranger

Come one pm and he walks into the café. Today, she arrived before him; usually he is sitting and watching the afternoon fly by. Both of them had the same look on their faces. Both faces tired and sad, looking out into the empty streets and silence raged between them. They were always silent with each other, talking was kept to a minimal. Maybe they spoke of their work; maybe of things they did, holidays they took or people they met. But mostly they were silent. He smiled at me today. Maybe the daily dose of my face being the only one at the café was the cause for that smile. His eyes shimmered a happy look when he smiled at me, while she stood outside with her cigarette. Maybe she was waiting for him. But I had seen both of them alone on many occasions, so maybe she wasn’t waiting for him (I am very unsure). I watched her take a few long, hard puffs off her cigarette, while she stood outside, before he came. She is beautiful, her sadness is captivating. I wonder though, if its sadness I see or weariness. Sometimes tired eyes can fake sadness. Both their worlds merge in the afternoons they spend in silence, or sometimes words or sometimes laughs. They merge, their souls merge. It is a beautiful sight, a glimpse into 2 strangers' lives.



Fantasies of a Lifetime said...

Lovely , I love wondering about what complete strangers are like , what they think and what they do too . . U have a lovely style of writing :)

~*sis*~ said...

i liked this! it made me wonder how well they know one another, if they are friends or lovers...;)
and i also love wondering about strangers!