Thursday, 6 November 2008


updates have been slow. considering i am in detention at office, opening any blog page seems an utter waste.

i learnt a new game in time i was away, thanks to ben and aj for teaching us and smita for taking me along.
name of game: unknown, however, ben and aj call it 5, 10, 15, 20. which is literally the whole game in the name. fun times.

i was a s*'s "little lamb" for yesterday. thanks to lu, we now know a place where smoking is as legal as it can be. thanks lu.

its all a stand still.
the longest pause on a song you have never heard, eager to hear, but it has been paused.
pause, pause, pause...

musically torn,
mentally drained,
physically useless,
i have successfully lost myself in all the mess.

my room is no more my life. this new room doesn't console or council me anymore.
sleepless, sleepless and disturbed.

but, if you ask me what's wrong, i can't give you an answer.
i just can't. there is nothing monumentally going wrong in my life at all.
nothing is happening.

maybe that's the problem.

dreams surface, soar and die in minutes.

"....this too shall pass..", hopefully.

thanks to all the people who are still around. thanks for laughing, talking, being silent, dancing, drinking, smiling :)

these are the people who have kept me going, in their own little ways. thank you for that :)

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