Tuesday, 31 March 2009


things to do when you are in a psy-ko-tic/bizzare mood:

*stare at facebook, gtalk, gmail, orkut, twitter etc.

*go through wall posts that are a year older than today's date

*write on people's walls who are just a phone call away

*write loser on these people's walls

*write irrelevant things on people's walls

*chat with person sitting next to you, on gtalk

*change status messages on facebook and gtalk

*bring the BAR to bar-ista

*try chatting in funny accents with people, of course it makes no difference considering someone is reading them and not listening to you, but do it nonetheless

*hyphenate words for no reason whatsoever

*hyphenate words for dramatic teenage tone and pause implications

*apostrophe words for no reason whatsoever

*apostrophe words for dramatic pronounciation implications

*apostrophe OR hyphenate words for dramatic accent implications

*wake up early and do nothing

*google search bizzare, you will be amazed with the search results, or not

*google search psy-ko-tic, you will be amazed with the search results, or not

*don't click on any of the results of the above searches

*talk to yourself, really loudly

*laugh. just laugh my ma'n!

*play the piano, an imaginary one

*sing "i'm co-lour blind, i jhust caaan't deny zis pheelinggg"

*sing other songs with thick indian accents

*ask the auto driver if you can drive. if he says no, ask him again. if you still receive a no as an answer, get off and don't pay the ma'n!

*just be bizzare

*just be psy-ko-tic







The Ketchup Girl said...

this sounds a lot like me...got to your space a while back, and have been enjoying the tid-bits. keep us entertained! Will be back for more. And thanks for 'following' me. :D

Gowtham said...

I do that all this all the while in office still i am bored and not fired also....
do u have any more sugestions????

alice said...

<3 this one.. LMAO. full connect. lot of similarities to my time pass behavior