Wednesday, 25 March 2009

sunday scribblings: i come from

i see the earth so clearly now,
the winds carry my soul to her,
the clouds bursting with joy,
enveloping the silence in.
the rush of the wind seeps through,
the soul of the clouds swallow the silver lining,
the earth sprouts new life,
the trees sway in joy.
smiles everywhere,
laughter and joy aloud,
love is in the air,
and i soar above it all.
seconds go by like minutes,
clouds are impatient,
the winds play a while,
the sky is almost black.
i take my time to reach the beginning,
i watch and smile to myself,
the winds, the clouds, the earth,
they wait for my rein.
i kiss the sky hello,
i caress the wind,
the clouds let go,
sweet kisses i rain on the earth.
the winds speed,
the clouds laugh,
the earth slips into my world,
i am the rain.

i am the rain,
i come from the heavens,
i rain on you,
and i will never stop.

i bring joy, i bring tears,
i bring the storm,
and i bring the calm,
i am the rain, i come from the heavens.

i am the rain,
this moment you will never forget,
when elements join hands,
when everything spills emotions unknown.

i am the rain,
i come to you and drag you to me,
the time is here, for us to be together,
for us to make love, for our souls to be one.

i am the rain,
i bring heaven to you.

-Prompted by: Sunday Scribblings

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Oh Princess ... !